Friday, August 21, 2009

Greatest Ever~~

English Angle: Will Frank Lampard Become Chelsea's Greatest Ever Player?

Considering his continuous climb up Chelsea's goal-scoring ladder,'s Alan Dawson ponders the achievement and talent of Blues hero Frank when compared to the club's past greats.

21 Aug 2009 14:40:53

Barcelona here we come! Chelsea captain Frank Lampard ensures his side head into the Champions League semi-finals
Frank Lampard

Defining the term 'great' has often been attempted in London's Chelsea-friendly juice-joints of late, as conversation turns to Frank Lampard's rise up the goal-scoring ladder. The Mensa-qualified midfielder looks unlikely to halt his imperious form in front of goal, as glovesmen up and down the country still struggle to think up ways to deny the 31-year-old a route into the net they guard.

An unwitting goal celebration by Manchester United, and Rio Ferdinand in particular, could have borne the only way to halt Lampard in his tracks. In December 2006, a rare John O'Shea goal prompted Rio to lead celebrations by assembling the United squadron to their knees, when he then mimic-aimed a rocket launcher, took sight, and fired away.

It was later revealed that the act was an "in-joke" within the England camp, as Chelsea stars Lampard and captain John Terry introduced the SOCOM 3: US Navy Seals video game to the United pack while on Three Lions duty. Sir Alex Ferguson's men were intimating that they were gunning down the Blues in both the video game, and also in the Premier League (they were six points ahead at the time and had scored 35 goals in 16 games).

Attack is often the best form of defence, so a gargantuan weapon of mass destruction, therefore, is perhaps the only way to prevent Lampard from prowling.

The Biggest

'Great' is such a nondescript word that it could be confused to mean a number of things... the biggest, the best, the most entertaining, the most successful, the most effective; perhaps all of these rolled into one. There can be little doubting that the biggest player to have ever represented the west London club is none other than William 'Fatty' Foulke.

The heavy-set goalkeeper was once described as having the "agility of a cat but with the playfulness of a kitten", despite his frame weighing more than 22 stone (140kgs/ 308lbs). This statement also contradicts another story of his. Prior to his Chelsea days, when a decision in an FA Cup game went against his Southampton side, he began to chase down the referee after the game - naked.

Other fine goal-guardians have come and gone, Peter Bonetti will fondly be remembered by all those in-and-around SW6, for he was a Ted Drake signing - by the request of Bonetti's mother. He went on to, as a youngster, help the Blues to the FA Youth Cup, prior to a guiding the club back into the top flight twice, as well as blocking enough shots to help Chelsea claim the 1971 Cup Winners Cup - the Blues' first continental triumph.

Even Petr Cech, a 'keeper who accumulated a plethora of clean sheets in his opening few seasons prior to his form-threatening head injury, can lay claim to being one of Chelsea's best No.1s, as too can Carlo Cudicini for his form at the start of the millennium.

Goalkeepers, though, despite the number on their backs, are rarely hailed as the cream of the crop.

Magic Zola | A Premier League great

The Most Entertaining

The English love a chap. Especially one as affable as pint-sized forward Gianfranco Zola. The fact that he was an incredible baller helped his cause, and he will be remembered as one of the greatest foreign imports to play on English turf. In 2003 he was even voted the greatest player to have represented Chelsea... it was official. He learned from Diego Maradona at Napoli and ended up passing on his wisdom, knowledge, and experience to the Chelsea boys rising through the ranks, most notably Frank Lampard.

He could strike the ball with pace and power, as well as with a delicate finesse. He had great feet, was highly-skilled, could thread a defence-splitting pass on the floor or over the top, and was an all-round nuisance in the final third. The diminutive Italian knew how to strike a deadball with such power and curve that many a goalkeeper were left flapping, rooted to the spot, watching as the football burst through the top corner and bear-hugged the net. He was as lethal outside the area as he was inside the box, and his predatory instincts prevailed right through to his twilight years, when he could still be found audaciously back-heeling the ball by near-posts.

He was not the club's most prolific striker, though, neither was he even close to the club's top goalscoring charts, where only one midfielder graces the top ten.

Name (position)
Bobby Tambling (striker)
Kerry Dixon (striker)
Roy Bentley (striker)
Peter Osgood (striker)
Jimmy Greaves (striker)
5 (T)
Frank Lampard (midfielder)
George Mills (striker)
George Hilsdon (striker)
Didier Drogba (striker)
Barry Bridges (striker)

Deadly | Greavsie was a great for club & country

Jimmy Greaves' strike rate was incredible. He was an inside forward who could boast a tremendous capacity to take on defenders, beat them, and send a ball into goal. He scored on his debut for the club, amassed a ton by the time he was 21, but spent only four years at Stamford Bridge.

Other strikers in Blue have been just as handy. Take for example one of the first idols of the club, George Hilsdon, who featured for six years (1906-1912). The apt moniker of the 'Gatling Gun' was assigned to him due to his uncanny ability to fire in relentless goals. If Greaves' goal-scoring debut was impressive, then the Bow-born converted forward enjoyed a perfect debut, sneaking five past Glossop North End.

Then there is Peter Osgood, Bobby Tambling and more recently Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Eidur Gudjohnson, all of whom consistently wowed home crowds with their phenomenal ability.

Silver-Laden | J.T is Chelsea's most decorated cap'n

The Most Successful

John Terry is the club's most decorated captain, having led the team to back-to-back Premier League titles, as well as icing that achievement with a hat-trick of FA Cups (two as skipper), and a pair of League Cups. His never-say-die spirit, his willingness to get his block knocked off by Abou Diaby, his leadership credentials, his ability to inspire and his aerial dominance have all been integral to the club's recent success. Lampard, too, has claimed nearly as many pots as Terry while donning Blue.

The manner in which he conducted himself the season after the penalty heartache in Moscow was commendable, and he remains hungry for the one trophy that has still eluded the club, and indeed London as a whole: the Champions League.

You will rarely, if ever, find Terry wearing gloves or long-sleeves... even if he's competing in hail. His father warned him off such a decision as a youngster, and it is something the tough-tackler remains true to this day.

Speaking of lionhearted Englishmen, no list of club greats would be complete without the epitome of the hardman, Ron 'Chopper' Harris. Even his nickname scares his own nightmares. He racked up an incredible amount of appearances for the club, displaying good loyalty in 19 years worth of service, and the way he played through certain injuries certainly bears comparisons to Terry.

Totally Frank | The only way is up for Lamps

The Most Effective

Without even penning a paragraph dedicated to Lampard, he has cropped up a number of times. The way he has adjusted to a number of different positions shows his versatility as he is an incredible attacker, currently deployed 'in the hole', but proved last season to be, in the words of Guus Hiddink, the "complete box to box midfielder", and it is hard to argue against the Dutchman's assertion.

Like David Beckham, he has overcome cat-calling and personal abuse to up his game even further and turn the jeers into cheers, as his under-rated tracking back, his tackling, his break-up play, his goal-scoring record that even a forward would be happy with, together with the way he cuts defences open with accurate-and-pacey trivela-type passes struck over distance, has helped dilute the thoughts of even his most ardent doubter.

He can already be referred to as 'one of the club's greats', but with many years ahead of him, there is every chance that he can surpass Osgood and Roy Bentley's prolificness this season, and if he maintains the consistency achieved from the past five or six seasons over the next few years, then he will be sandwiched between the head and shoulders of the goal-scoring charts.

Without question the club's most effective midfielder (although Claude Makelele deserves praise for his anchoring role), a living legend... still in his playing days, he shunned Inter's advances to remain at the Bridge. The decision could quite easily see him become the club's best, the most influential in front of goal from midfield, the greatest...

Alan Dawson,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiring Yet Fun Weekend~~

weekend lpas..aku tlibat ngan debate competition...
aku dipaksa utk participate oleh Mdm. Naga (aku x paham nape die nk sgt aku masuk)...
wlpn xde basic..x reti hape..
aku dgn 'paksarela' join laa jgk..
dgn harapan dpt new experience...
lucky for turned out to be a fun experience~~!!!!
starting to love debate..although i knoe i'm not that good in it..
Lya pon ade sokongan kat aku yg hampeh ni...
bckp nk tgagap2...
ckp x smpai 5 minit da abes idea da...
tp was my first experience...hopefully i can get another chance to improve someday...
utk kekasih hati tersayang...
thanx sbb sudi dtg bg sokongan...
i really appreciate it syg...
utk rakan2 sepasukanku (kenek & hanim)..thanx for trying your best...
at least kite x kalah sume kn?
ade laa jgk menang...
tp last round tu xleh blah...sme ckp merapu..
da laa plan nk lari x menjadi...bodo btol~~!!!hahahah~~~!!!!
xpe2..yg penting..kite dpt jgk hamper..(ade dlm bilik aku..korg nk ke?x pyh laa..heheehh~~)
k laa...aku nk kene smbung wat esaimen yg makin ari makin btambah ni...
nnt kalo aku ade masa n rasa rajin..aku update lg...heheehh~~

till next time..aDios~~!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Troublesome Tech~~!!

aku geram btol ngan enfon aku nih...
x abes2 nk myusahkan aku...
baru lbih kurg 2 bulan repair..
dah rosak balik~celaka btol~!!
enfon ni aku beli dah staun lbih...
tp aku pkai x smpai 4 bulan pon..
masa yg slebihnya dihabiskan dgn rosak je..
bangang gile...
asyik xnk idop je..
skrg ni aku duk pk..
nk beli fon baru ke..
atau nk repair fon ni??
aritu repair da abes almost 150..
ni kalo nk repair lg..brape laa plak abes...
n kalo aku repair..bleh ke dia jamin xkn rosak lg?
kalo nk rosak lg..baik aku simpan duet beli fon baru je..
hmmm...myusahkn idop btol..
enfon spatotnya myenangkan idup yg ni x..
keje die myusahkn idup n myusahkan poket aku je...
malas nk bebel pjg2..wat sakit ati je..
kang ade enfon terbang menghempas dinding plak kang..

till next time..aDios~~!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romantic Ghost Movie~~

juz came back from GSC Dataran Pahlawan..
watched Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past..alone..hahah
the movie was quite ok..
it's not as funny as The Proposal..but yet..worth to watch..
i did feel awkward watching that kind of movie alone..but why shud i be over-concerned with that?
i paid for the ticket..huhu
about the's a good movie for all the playboys out there..
this movie will at least leave an impact to you guys..
ya...i dun really like Jennifer Garner playing the role Jenny..
she looks old..not as beautiful as she used to be..huhu
it would be better if the role is played by someone who is younger and more beautiful..
the movie taught me that u can have all the women in the world..
but in the end..there will be only one woman in your life who you'd give your life to..
who you'd love to have by your side every single morning when you wake up..
love is not a feeling that you can play with..
it's a gift..
cherish it..take a good care of will never leave us..
it's us who leave love...
what the heck am i talking here??
hahaha...i am a sentimental person..
hati kaca..hahahh~~!!
need my rest now...

till then..aDios~~!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


semalam aku ngan Lya kuar tgk midnite muvi kat MidValley..
plan asal nk tgk The Proposal..
tp malang menimpa..kami smpai lambat...da 1140 smpai..
n tiket pon da abes..tggl 2 seat dpn n tepi skali dlm hall yg besa..
gle rmai tgk cite tu~~!!
maybe sbb smalam sabtu kot..
dats y ramai..
nasib baik kitorg ade backup plan..nk tgk The Ghost of Girlfriend's Past kalo The Proposal pnuh..
sekali backup plan pon rosak sbab hall pnuh jgk utk filem tu
so tnye laa staff GSC kat kaunter tu.."cite ape lg yg ada bang?"
die ckp laa cite ape yg ada...
most of them da tgk..
tetibe aku terpandang muvi tajuk 'SETEM'
ok...aku tau cite ni..cite melayu
afdlin blakon...
mcm best je tgk trailer die...
tp paham2 laa..when it comes to local muvies...
aku ni cerewet aku ngan Lya berbincang2 laa...
nk ke tgk cite tu?
berbaloi ke?
last2 kitorg xde pilihan lain n sebulat suara bsetuju untuk tgk muvi tu..
walaupon masuk agak lambat..almost 15 min still dpt paham cite tu..
my expectation was quite low to be honest at the beginning of the movie..
tp as the story gets more n more interesting..
lawak seyh cite tu~~!!
lawak afdlin ngan sathiya dlm cite tu sgt selamba...
tgelak2 abes org yg menonton sekali ngan kitorg semalam..
at least lawak2 dlm muvi ni better laa dr lawak2 dlm sifu & tongga..
xde laa kitorg segan nk gelak kuat2..sbab sume org gelak kuat..hehehh...
kuar2 dari hall je...
aku rasa satisfied ngan muvi tu..
walaupon muvi tu x mampu nk dpt 5/5 stars from me..
tp utk taraf cite malaysia..aku still bagi 3.5/5 stars..
lawak die mmg laa jalan citer die simple je..
byk moral cite ni...
so pada sape2 yg blom tgk cite ni n teringin nk tgk..
pegi je laa..
u won't regret it..hehehh..
k laa...malas da nk menaip..

till next time..aDios~~!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

PC Fair '09~~

semalam aku smpai K.L..
kalo nk ikutkan..esaimen bsepah kat melaka nuh..
tp..sanggup jgk tinggal sume tu demi nk pegi PC Fair punye pasal...
lagipon aku da lama tggu PC Fair kali ni..
nk cari external hard drive pnye pasal..
hard disk laptop aku pon da nk pnuh da..
so nk xnk tpksa laa dtg ke tempat sesak ni..
dgn prot kosong (x makan dari pagi)..aku n my sweetheart (Lya laa..sape lg) memasuki KL Convention Centre yg dibanjiri manusia..
lapa ni..
tp nk cari hard drive pnye pasal...kitorg redah jgk..
Lya pon nk survey2 notebook utk dia..
nasib baik semalam jumaat..

so org x ramai sgt lg dkat KLCC tu..
kalo gi arini n esok..
konfem nk bjalan pon payah...
tp aku rasa PC Fair kali ni x sebest mcm yg last year...
sebab hall2 x pnuh ngan org yg bniaga..
hall2 byk yg kosong lg..
so pilihan x byk mcm sblom2 ni..
tp aku x pndg sgt pon benda lain..
sbb aku mmg nk cari hard drive je..
lgpon bajet limited..
so xleh nk mgade nk beli benda merapu2..
bjalan pnye bjalan..after almost 4 jam..baru laa aku jumpe hard drive yg aku bkenan..
320gb - RM 215 (samsung)
ini bukan hard drive yg aku beli (gambar sekadar hiasan)

tp sblom jumpe yg ni...
aku da bkenan hard drive lain..
cantik gle..
640gb - RM 219..
murah tu~~!!
cantik plak tu..
tp satu je kekurangan die..
die pkai power supply..
leceh laa sket kalo pkai benda tu..
susah nk bawak ke mana2..
n lg satu..die besa sket bnding hard drive len..
so..tpksa lupakan hasrat nk amek yg tu..
nasib baik jmpe yg samsung tu..amek je laa..
sbb yg lain lagi mahal..
lgpon yg ni dpt free gifts..heheh~~
pasnih bleh laa aku sumbat hard drive aku ni ngan muvi2 yg ade dlm laptop aku tu..
muvi je pon da dkt 90gb..
sian laptop aku..lembap disebabkan da xde space..
k laa...
lapa...nk makan..hehehh~~

till next time people..aDios~~!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Days of Sickness~~

Jumaat lpas...
aku mula batuk2..
mula2 aku xde laa risau sgt...sbb batuk2 je..
tp bile da masuk mlm sket..badan aku mula panas2...
aku da x senang duduk da...
badan pon mula lenguh2..sakit2..
dalam palotak aku duk pk pasal swine flu je...
n malam tu jgk aku gi klinik...
doc klinik tu ckp aku ok je...
cuma dmam biase...
lega aku kadang2 ade jgk rasa ke dmam biase??
maklum laa..doc zaman skrg...rmai yg wat keje gitu2 je..
asalkn diorg dpt duet..cukup laa...
so i took the meds yg die bg n tlan laa...
masuk ari sabtu..bdn aku ok sket...
panas pon da dtg plak selsema... nk sdapkan ati..aku x pk sgt pasal selsema tu...
smpai laa masuk ari ahad...
suhu badan aku tetibe naik balik...
serius rasa mcm tbakar badan aku...
time tu aku da pk aku ni idup x lama da...
tp alhamdulillah...masuk ari ni (isnin)..
dmam aku da kurang da sket...
hopefully akan ok trus...
malas da aku nk tlan ubat2 ni sume n tbaring je macam mayat..
2-3 ari ni keje aku duk main facebook je laa...
kalo xde facebook ni...bleh mati kebosanan aku...
tp arini facebook wat hal laa plak...
dr td aku try bukak...x dpt2...
xtau laa ape problemnya...
nk kata tenet aku problem...
aku bukak sites lain bleh je..
k ah...malas da aku nk menaip..

till next time..aDios~~!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My 1st Day of School~~

so...the new semester started today..
got 3 classes from 830 up to 430..
everything went on smoothly..
tp pg td prot ni wat hal plak time klas david (research)..
tpksa laa aku berkampung dlm toilet dkat stgh jam..
david risau aku ilang smpai die siap anta haizam lg suh cari aku dlm toilet..
da masuk 5 ari perot ni wat hal..
alhamdulillah..pas lunch td..sakit tu da ilang..
kalo x..nk mkn pon seksa..xde slera..
pastu td plak klas miss J...
tensen aku ngan die..
da laa die mgajar satu hape pon aku x paham..
masalahnye bkn aku je yg x paham..
da whole class x paham jgk
dgn lawak die sume x mjadi...
bile aku tnye soklan pasal smthg yg aku x paham or nk dptkan kepastian..
die jwb ngan nada yg x myakinkan langsung
macam die sdiri x paham ape yg die ajar..
suh cari sdiri (ayat cover laa tu)..
mcm mane laa aku nk survive subjek die sem ni..
jgn dibuatnye aku dpt C sudah laa..
mmpos aku kalo dpt C..
x dpt laa nk capai target nk dpt DL..huahua
esok ade klas lg..1030 smpai 430 kalo x silap...
skrg ni nk kene bincang ngan mdm.nagamany..
nk ubah klas die yg ari jumaat tu ke ari kames..
mcm mane laa miss J tu wat jadual..
ari kames die wat xde klas utk klas aku..
klas A xde klas ari jumaat..kames pon sejam je..
ini x adil..
ape yg die pk pon aku x paham..
k laa..nk rest dlu..kang lenkali tulis lg..
ni pon kire da rajin nk mnulis..kalo x..haram lame x update..

till next time..aDios~~!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here Comes Goodbye~~

I can hear the truck tires coming up the gravel road
And its not like her to drive that slow, nothings on the radio
Footsteps on the front porch, I hear my doorbell
She usually comes right in, now I can tell

Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear Im gonna cry
Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things had never changed
And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye

I can hear her say I love you like it was yesterday
And I can see it written on her face that she had never felt this way
One day I thought Id see her with her daddy by her side
And violins would play here comes the bride

But here comes goodbye, here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear Im gonna cry
Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things had never changed(d)
And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye

Why does it have to go from good to gone?
Before the lights turn on, yeah and you're left alone
All alone, but here comes goodbye


Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear I'm gonna cry
Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things had never changed
And she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye

i just love this song...
makes me remember my loved ones that had gone forever...
really miss them...
wish i can see them one more time and tell them how i miss them n love them..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Back~~

i'm back~~!!
slepas bcuti selama hampir 2 bulan..
skrg aku da balik ke mlaka da...
awal balik sini bukan sbb ape...
sbb bosan je duk umah...
xtau nk watpe..
so aku lari laa dari umah (dgn izin mak bapak aku laa)...
x sabar plak nk mula klas...
heheh..poyo je.. sem is just around da corner..
hopefully i can do better than last sem...
result ok..naik laa sket..
hopefully sem ni akan ade improvement lg...
nk jgk merasa dpt DL skali..huahua..aminn~~
baru balik dr DP..
gi tgk transformers 2 sorg2 td...
mmg best ah cite tu...
mmg tabik spring kat michael bay for his latest masterpiece..
mcm mane laa crew die bleh wat scenes robot2 tu bgaduh lancar n smooth je..
mcm robot2 tu sume btol2 wujud...
tepike jgk aku...bile laa filem malaysia akan capai tahap mcm ni...
hollywood ni da berpuluh2 taun lg advance dr filem malaysia...
tp mmg berbaloi laa aku spent RM10 utk tgk cite tu..
nk tgk lg skali pon aku still rasa berbaloi..
tp impak muvi tu krg sket sbb aku tgk dlm hall kecik..
hall besa sume pnuh...
duk plak sbelah indon2 yg bising...
dlm hall duk bgayut fon..
geram plak aku nk tampar seko2..
pape hal pon..pada sape2 yg blom tgk cite ni..aku rekemen korg sume gi tgk..hehehh
skrg duk umah plak..
bdua je ngan aiman...
boring seyh...
due2 xtau nk watpe...
k ah...malas da aku nk mnulis...
sbenanye byk lg aku nk tulis...
tp paham2 laa ku ni mcm mane..
pmalas tahap atromen...

so till next time....aDios~~!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

cuti ooh cuti~~!!

da lame plak rasanye aku x mnulis kat sini...
bukan ape...
malas pnye pasal...
cuti plak lambat lagi nk abes...
gile boring~~!!!!!
aku nk balik mlaka da kalo bleh...
nk gi klas...
malas da duk tbaring atas katil lame2...
duk umah pon bkn ade mende nk wat...
nk keje...
tp xde keje..
kalo ade pon...
keje tu x best n x berbaloi utk aku terima....
keje aku skrg ni duk umah n jd drebar pade adik2 aku...
tiap2 mlm ngadap tv n tgk siaran ulangan bola...
smpai bleh hafal ape yg commentator tu ckp...
gile babi boring aku ni...
skrg ni duk tggu ari ahad..
matchday last utk BPL...
Chelsea vs Sunderland kat Stadium of Light..
abes game ni..maka tamat laa BPL utk season ni...
kalo nk ikotkan ati..
mmg x puas ati sbb Chelsea x jd juara lg taun ni...
but credit to MU sbb diorg x pnah give up...
sume ni si scolari tu pnye pasal...
kalo bkn sbb die...knfem chelsea da juara...
konfem rekod unbeaten @ The Bridge still x anco...
bangang pnye scolari..
nasib baik laa guus hiddink masuk...
tp x puas ati laa...
dia masuk kejap sgt...
ish...ape duk bebel pasal bola ni...
ckp pasal benda lain laa plak...
nk ckp pasal ape ek?
ckp pasal aku rindu buyat2 ah plak...
bucuk rindu buyat2 goyek2...
msg byk2 pon rndu tu byk jgk..
x sbr nk cuti abes cpat..nk jmpe buyat tomey...
k ah...aku nk smbung main restaurant city ni...
nk keja point buyat2...
da jauh sgt die tggl aku neh...

till next time..aDios~~!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The End of Another Semester~~

da abes da sem 4 aku...
mlm ni da nk blah balik klantan..
cuti sbulan lbih ni...
hopefully bleh dpt keje...
keje skejap pon jadik laa...
gaji tu bleh wat beli fon baru..
another semester has ended...
bile pk balik...
pnat mmg laa pnat...
tp sronok plak rasa sem ni...
byk benda yg aku blaja...
main futsal da makin terer..cewahh~~!!..
main bola pdg...
wakil faculty utk sukan...
pastu for da first time aku handle event sdiri...
wlaopon klam kabut...
tp smua bjalan lancar..
byk pgalaman aku dapat...
wat esainmen david...
blaja mcm mane nk assess students...
blaja mcm mane nk handle meeting..
blaja mcm mane nk bkerja dlm satu kumpulan...
blaja pasal kelemahan dan klebihan org lain...
blaja pasal klemahan n klebihan diri sdiri...
ade junior2 yg best...yg happening...
pegi event yg ntah pape...
mgumpat2 org...
pndek kata...
semester 4 ni sronok laa...
cant wait for sem 5...
mintak2 sronok mcm ni jgk..
aku nk bebel pjg..
tp x sempat laa...
da nk kul 7 ni...
bus lbih kurg sejam lg ni...
nk smbung kmas barang...
to all my frens..
thanx for giving me a great time this semester~~
see you guys in about 2 months time...
btw..aku x on9 kat umah...

till next time..aDios~~!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother..Ibu..Mak..Mama..Ummi...Happy Mother's Day~~

23 taun yg lpas..
aku dilahirkan ke dunia..
dari rahim seorg wanita bernama Asmah Binti Awang Kechik..
aku x dpt bygkan bgaimana sakitnya dia sewaktu dia melahirkan aku...
aku x dpt bygkan betapa susahnya dia utk membesarkan aku...
aku x dpt bygkan betapa sakit hati dia utk melayan karenah aku...
but still..i'm here..
terima kasih mak..sebab sudi membesarkan abg chik dari kecik sehingga skarang...
terima kasih mak sbb sudi bg abg chik makan n minum dari dlu smpai laa ke hari ni..
smpai mati pon anak mak ni xkn dpt balas jasa mak...
aku tau..aku ni bkn anak yg baik utk mak aku...
slalu lawan ckp dia..
slalu myusahkan dia..
tp apa yg aku nk dia tau...
aku sgt2 sygkan dia...
wlpn aku jarang msg (msg pon sbb nk mintak duet..hehe), jarang call...
tp itu x bmksud aku lgsg x igt dia..
mana2 aku parents are always with me (in my head n heart)...
aku xde pic mak aku utk di'upload' dlm blog ni..
trok kan aku?
org lain sume ade pic mak ayh dlm wallet, dlm bilik...
tp aku?
ish2...anak jnes ape laa aku ni...
tp xpe mak...
abg chik stiasa bwk pic mak dlm ati...
aku igt lg...
dr dlu smpai skrg...
org yg plg rapat ngan aku dlm family aku..mak aku ah..
kalo kene marah ke..kene tibai ngan bapak aku...
yg akn protect aku..mak aku ah..
kalo dia x protect aku..mau mati aku kene ngan bapak aku..
tp ngan mak aku sdiri pon aku kene jgk kdg2...
dgil sgt..hehe
tp maybe sbb ni laa aku mbesar ngan normal...
x manja sgt mcm sesetgh org...
mak aku sdiri ckp kalo bleh dia nk aku bdikari...
dats y ble aku dpt offer uitm mlaka dlu..
diorg suke...
diorg ckp..lagi jauh lg bgus...
bleh knal tmpat org...
bleh bdikari...
tp aku rasa..bdikari mcm mana pon aku skrg..
mak ayh aku ttp aku perlukan...
in fact..smpai bile2 pon aku nk diorg ada dlm idup aku...
n aku mintak sgt..
moga2 aku diberikan pluang utk balas jasa baik diorg...
moga aku diberi pluang utk jaga diorg satu ari nnt...
walau susah mcm mana pon...
aku akan cuba utk jalankan tggungjawab aku sbg sorg anak..
aku xnk diorg myesal ada aku sbg zuriat diorg...
aku xnk diorg mgeluh bila bibir diorg myebut nama aku...
kerana neraka adalah tempat utk anak2 yg derhaka..
n aku xnk jd anak yg jnes mcm tu...
ish..tetibe rindu plak nk pluk n cium pipi mak aku..
lg 2-3 ari aku balik klantan...
bleh jmpe mak..
bleh jmpe ank2 sedara aku...
bile da lame sgt x jmpe mak ayh ni..
baru mula rasa rindu...
dats y aku jarang balik..
balik pon satu sem skali...
org kata ape ek...kumpul rindu kot..
ade je alasan..padahal sbb tiket bas mahal..
k laa...xde ape da nk ckp...
kepada my dearest mother n my sister...

till next time..aDios~~!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Idol~~'s Top 50 English Players - Frank Lampard (39) are counting down England's greatest players of all time and at number 39 is a modern-day great: Chelsea vice-skipper Frank Lampard...

8 May 2009 12:45:12

Lampard and Mourinho of Chelsea celebrates (AFP)


Born 20/06/1978, Romford, Essex.

England 69, 15 goals

Clubs West Ham United
Swansea City (Loan)

Imagine a chap so consistently fit that he can brag a record (that has since been broken) of 164 consecutive appearances in England’s top flight. Keep him in your mind for a moment, as this cad is also one goal shy from recording a 20+ goal season for the fourth year on the spin. It could have been five had it not been for a return of 19 in the 2004-05 campaign. This Romford-born 30-year-old is as articulate as he is intelligent, he received a good education, and was a class-mate of British pin-up Jodie Marsh – I alone envy him for that.

Yet Frank Lampard remains a figure of fun for some, and has often been pin-pointed for catcalling while he dons the Three Lions national crest on his chest.

It is hard to fathom why. For - were it not for the exemplary big-game-changing Champions League winning talismanic captain of Liverpool; Steven Gerrard - then Lampard would be getting talked about as the midfielder of his, and many other’s, generation. He has been described by current Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink, who is fast approaching the conclusion of his temporary tenure at Stamford Bridge, as a “complete box-to-box midfielder”, which is a tag that could easily underscore the dictionary definition of the word: “truism”, when referring to Frank.

Not only is he a relentless tormentor of opposition rear-guards, a prolific net-bulging midfielder with an accurate strike, and a man whom can brag a wise footballing brain due to the manner in which he times his runs, but he is also an astute break-up merchant. His tackling skills are oft – and cruelly – under-rated, and under-estimated.

While Gerrard will claim glory for the way in which he will break a lung to charge 50 yards back down the field of play, perfectly executing a sliding challenge to dispossess his man, Lampard would require no time to retrieve his breath, as he would have been in the correct zone in the first place. His positional sense is inspired.

Frank plays better in a deeper role than the label of 'attacking midfielder' that has been falsely applied to him in the past. He can spot a pass, make play, or turn to a more direct avenue by going solo. He is one of the few players who can hit a defence-splitting trivela pass with pace, and accuracy.

It is not an unknown fact that all managers that turn up in west London to coach the kid turn away shaking their heads and exercising their eyebrows before going on public record as saying they have one of the best players in the world on their hands. Jose Mourinho spotted something in him during the genesis of his stay at Stamford Bridge.

In Totally Frank, Lampard’s autobiography released following England’s premature exit from the 2006 World Cup, the former Hammer explained how Mourinho walked in on him while he was showering once, to tell him eye-to-eye, that he was the best player in the world. A wet, naked, and slightly confused Frank shrugged off the compliment. To which Mourinho persisted; you are the best player in the world. Then it suddenly dawned on Lampard that this man was not going to leave him alone to dry off unless he acknowledged the comment.

The praise does not stop at the two aforementioned bosses who command great European Cup pedigree between them, but extends to one of the most famous names in international football – Brazil’s World Cup winning coach in 2002; Luiz Felipe Scolari, too. The axed manager cited Lampard’s chipped goal versus Hull City at the beginning of this season as the greatest he had ever seen.

Football is in his blood. He is is the son of Frank Lampard Snr, who was a full-back during his playing days and played for east London club West Ham United. His uncle is Harry Redknapp, now manager of north London side Tottenham Hotspur, and his cousin is Jamie Redknapp, who can now be found in a number of Wii adverts.


On CL Final Scoresheet

His family links proved beneficial for his schooling, and his break-through, as it was Lampard Snr who was assistant coach at West Ham, when Jnr was brought through to sign for the club as an apprentice. He was eventually to be bossed by Redknapp Snr, and played alongside other stars such as: Rio Ferdinand; Paulo di Canio; Joe Cole; and Frederic Kanoute. He was to be later sold to Chelsea, for an £11 million, in a move that still riles the support at the Boleyn Ground whenever the Blues visit Lampard’s former home.

Since his transfer, Lampard has grown as a player with each passing season, and has won all the major domestic honours available. Accruing the Premier League twice, the FA Cup once, and the League Cup twice. He has a Champions League final under his belt, as he helped contest an all-Premier League affair in Moscow last year against Manchester United, and if you were asked for advice on making a flutter, Frank Lampard’s name would have born fruit should you have decided to lay ducats.

There has been criticism levelled against Lampard that he has failed to translate his club form onto the international arena. This may have been true in the 2006 World Cup, where he had the most shots out of all participating players, but failed to beat the guarding glovesman on each and every occasion, but England had many failures at that competition. Few players showed up, bar a maligned Owen Hargreaves, who quickly played his way into the fans’ favour. The competition prior – Euro 2004, though – was a success for Lampard. He scored thrice from four games, and was named in the team of the tournament.


West Ham United
Intertoto Cup (1999)

Premier League (2004-05, 2005-06)
FA Cup (2007)
Football League Cup (2005, 2007)
Community Shield (2005)

FIFPro World XI (2005)
PFA Premier League Team Of The Year (2004, 2005, 2006)

DID YOU KNOW … Frank Lampard appears on the official website of Mensa – an international organisation for people with extraordinary IQs – due to his exceptional performance on their intelligence test? He also has an A* in his Latin GCSE.

Heart-breaking Moments~~

look at this video and decide for yourself..did Chelsea deserved to be knocked-out from Champions League??

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Night When Chelsea FC Were Being Robbed (The Night of Pain)~~

CL Special: Blue Or Blau - Did The Referee Ruin Chelsea-Barcelona?

A titanic tie of two wondergoals will unfortunately instead be remembered for the controversial officiating from Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo.'s Peter Staunton sifts through the wreckage to determine what he got right, and what he got wrong...

7 May 2009 10:00:25

CL: Michael Ballack - Tom Ovrebo, Chelsea - Barcelona (PA)

Tom Henning Ovrebo was under no illusion that Daniel Alves fouled the lively Florent Malouda in the opening stages of last night's Champions League semi-final. The Frenchman had pulled the ball from the sky and roasted the full-back for pace and power. He tried to pull back as he reached the white lines and was forced to hit the deck by the Brazilian. Malouda was three yards inside the Barca penalty area by the time significant contact was made, but the Norwegian referee insisted a free kick and nothing more should be the outcome, much to the exasperation of the Chelsea number. It was an incident entirely in-keeping with an uneven performance from an official with both big game experience and big game uncertainties behind him. Ask the Italians. It was Ovrebo who denied Luca Toni a legitimate goal against Romania in the European Championships last summer. It was Ovrebo who admitted that mistake. It was Ovrebo who was omitted by UEFA from the referee's list for the rest of the tournament. What, then, has the Norwegian psychologist done since to atone for his error and merit a place in charge of one of the most vitriolic fixtures in the European game? One that has prompted two sending-offs in recent times and a death threat against Anders Frisk, one of the game's greatest matchday officials. Maybe Ovrebo is the top referee in the Tippeligaen. But a fixture such as this demands an official who is used to having the world's best players charge around like rutting stags demanding decisions be given. It requires an official who is accustomed to awarding life-or-death penalty kicks on a weekly basis in games which have millions of euros riding on them. UEFA placed Roberto Rosetti, Serie A's top man, in charge of the first semi-final between Arsenal and Manchester United, but saw fit to award the second game to a referee with a patchy track record in decisive encounters and from a league ranked directly below Switzerland and Bulgaria in the UEFA country ranking list. Was there, as some have suggested, an ulterior, even sinister motive on the part of European football's governing body? Did they insert a malleable official under the orders to deny the Premier League two representatives in the Champions League final for the second year running? Conspiracy theories will have to remain exactly that. But Ovrebo certainly invited inquisition with the nature of his showing last night. Never before at this stage of the competition has a referee's input had such a bearing on the result. Officials have missed a handball or a deliberate trip here and there in the past, but here were three, possibly four, penalty decisions that should have been given to Chelsea. Also, Barcelona will feel aggrieved to have lost Eric Abidal for doing little more than prompting Nicolas Anelka to trip himself. Didier Drogba's reputation, like Cristiano Ronaldo's, now goes before him. When the Ivorian tumbles in the box, justifiably or otherwise, it is immediately perceived as an act of simulation rather than a foul. No doubt however, that Drogba was fouled in the 26th minute by Abidal at Stamford Bridge as he bore down on goal. Examine Gerard Pique's handball as the game was closing out. No doubt the ball struck the outstretched hand of the former Manchester United player, even if it was more ball-to-hand than hand-to-ball. However, these decisions are given more often than not. In the last minute, an incident occurred that prompted the captain of Germany to harangue the official like never before, perhaps more out of hope than expectation. Chelsea's No.13 may not have even been on the pitch had he received a second booking for a foul on Thierry Henry last week. Michael Ballack's last-gasp volley hit the body of Samuel Eto'o, somewhere in the region of back, shoulder and upper arm, but close enough to the hand for Chelsea to feel they had been denied a fourth spot-kick on the night. Guus Hiddink's team should have had at least one penalty against Barcelona, and the reasons that Tom Henning Ovrebo offers for not doing so will be intriguing to hear and read. The pressure, and indeed the consequence, of offering such decisions in a game of this magnitude may have been too significant for Ovrebo, who would rather not incur controversy for an iffy penalty shout. In his indecisiveness, it would seem he has done the exact opposite. The sense of injustice that he roused in the Pensioners, Ballack and Drogba in particular, will mean that Chelsea will never admit to being eliminated by Barcelona; they will eternally feel that they were dumped out by Tom Henning Ovrebo. A club that have been tarred and feathered with the charge of sore losers, Chelsea must also examine the behaviour of their own contingent in the context of the result, however. Sure, things went against them, but to harass the official on the pitch after the final whistle is cause for UEFA to throw the book at the London side. A poor performance from an official is no excuse to lower the entire football club to deplorable standards of etiquette.

this article was taken from apa yg aku bleh ckp..ape yg pnulis ni ckp..sume btol...yes..the referee took away chelsea's right to be in UCL Final once again..maybe pyokong2 barca akan fikir yg 'justice is served'..diorg akn ckp yg last week barca pon x dpt penalty time henry kene tarik dlm kotak penalti chelsea..ok fine..aku tau mmg diorg patot dpt penalty bcos of dat was the only claim..banding ngn smalam..brape byk valid claims yg chelsea buat utk dptkn penalty?at least 4 yg btol2 valid..satu time malouda kene block ngan dani alves dlm penalty box..second bile kaki drogba kene block ngan toure bile drogbe one-on-one ngan valdes...3rd bile tgn drogba kene kepit n ditarik oleh toure bile dlm kotak penalty n almost had clear shot on goal..4th bile bola kene tgn pique time minit ke-94..n none of them was granted by the fu*king ref...kalo barca nk claim ref x adil time match kat nou wat?diorg ada satu claim utk diorg mybe leh menang 1-0 or at most chelsea smalam?kalo smua claim penalty tu diorg dpt + goal essien..5-0 bai...ape yg wat aku lg myampah..bile barca sebok duk claim yg diorg main beautiful football n chelsea = anti-football...amende yg jahanam2 player barca ckp ni..ok..aku admit diorg main mmg kalo menang sbb ref tlg lwn chelsea..amende yg lawanye?kalo main smpai minit 92 tp satu shot on goal pon xde...duk gentel bola tu kat luar kotak penalty chelsea..mane yg beautiful nye?beautiful football is not just about passing the ball around without any attempt to score goal being made..WTF do they think they are??football GOD???n ape yg drogba ckp kat ref smalam mmg patot pon..he said that the ref was a "Fu*king disgrace"..aku paham sgt mcm mane dia rasa..kalo aku jd die pon...konfem mkn sepenumbuk dua dlu si celaka ref tu..come on laa..ape yg UEFA pk??bg ref dr liga ntah mane2 jd ref..the game was between two football giants..CHELSEA FC VS BARCELONA CF...bukan SKMK Kelantan VS Nibong Tebal FC...better ref was needed man...F*CK Platini..F*CK UEFA..aku xtau ape lg yg aku kene ckp baru rasa marah + sedih + kecewa + sakit + perit aku ni ilang..airmata aku almost mgalir kot bile tgk reaksi players chelsea smalam..tgk muka lampard yg tahan sebak..muka terry yg tahan sedih n marah dia..muka drogba yg cuba cntrol marah dia..muka hiddink yg kcewa sgt2...sdih bai..mybe org akn ckp aku honestly aku ckp..chelsea is a part of me..bile tgk muka lampard smalam..xde word yg bleh gmbarkan sebak yg aku rasa..aku tau yg dia n terry nk sgt2 menang Champions League kali ni..taun lpas kalah final ngan MU..itu sbb nasib x kali ni?kalah sbb ref mcm babi...diorg bdua tu da laa makin lama makin tua..lampard next year da nk masuk 32..terry da cecah 30..bile lg diorg nk julang piala tu same2?diorg da nk bsara..n aku harap sgt diorg dpt tgk terry n lampard agkt piala tu wlpn skali...da laa...da pjg sgt aku marah2 n bebel2...bebel pjg2 pon bkn marah n sdih aku kurg pon...

till next time..aDios~~!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My new family member~~

smalam kakak aku bsalin~~!!!
n aku dpt anak buah lagi
actually dis is my 2nd
kalo nk ikotkn
x puas lg men ngan ank buah sulung aku
da dpt 2nd
maju btol akak aku ni
yg first tu laki
n dis time dpt girl plak
pair tu
bile laa aku bleh jmpe die
nk xnk kene tggu pas final laa baru leh balik
can't wait to hear the name of the newborn baby
mintak2 akak aku x wat bengong n bg name pelik2


it's been a while since da last time i wrote a post

ni pon tulis sbb bosan
bosan yg tlampau
gile ah bosan~~!!
paper literature lmbt lg
sminggu lbih lg
tinggal nk baca novel je
nk study PTE pon malas
mood x dtg lg
biase laa
last2 minute baru mood aku tu reti nk dtg
arini aku tbaring lg
x wat pape
nk tgk 'Knowing' lg skali
tp uTorrent ni lembap plak dload cite tu
layan seh cite tu
nicholas cage plak blakon
cite2 die ni makin best plak bile da tua
zaman die muda dlu aku bkn suke sgt cite die
tp lpas cite die da kurg action
ok plak
lgpon aku suke cite yg wat aku bepike n ade riddles in it
mcm national treasure..da vinci code..
cite yg men kejar2..
ape ek nk wat arini??
anyone got an idea??
haaaa...lupe plak
malam kang chelsea ade match
vs everton plak tu
best tu
game pmanas badan b4 final FA Cup
tp game mlm ni pon pnting
sbb the blues nk keja Liverpool ni
nk amek alih 2nd spot in the league table
but my most anticipated game rite now is
the match between the blues vs La Blaugrana (Barcelona CF)
x sabar weih nk tgk game ni
da lame x tgk chelsea men ngan barca
last diorg men pon time tu barca ade ronaldinho lg
next week first leg kat nou camp
it will be one hell of a game
ahh~~malas da aku nk menaip
nk smbung baring n buang masa

till next time..aDios~~!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Makan Malam~~

Juz came back from TESL Dinner '09
or should i say Malam Kecemerlangan Akademik TESL??
the foods were quite ok..
but my stomach wasn't full enuff..
baru nk mkn utk 2nd round
tp tgk2 diorg da tutup kdai da
da kmas..
frust gile aku
tp at least sempat laa merasa sume makanan
but to be honest
it wasn't dat fun
at least not as fun as i would've expected
it was juz an ordinary dinner
not as fun as the other 3 dinners dat i went before
dunno why
but the best dinner for me would be the dinner when i was in part 1 pre-TESL
can't forget dat one for sure
wat makes this nite dinner unforgettable is this might be my last activity with the Asasi Students
they'll leave Malacca after dis semester
gonna miss them
especially those who have been playing futsal with me for the last 2 semesters
to put it simple
they're the best juniors i have
hopefully those who will replace them will be better
or at least the same
had an accident yesterday
small one
but i am feeling the effect of it now
my neck is aching
my right thigh too
my left arm also feels the impact of it
hope the pain will go away soon
hopefully before dis sunday
can't wait to play futsal again
addicted to the game
next sem not sure whether i'll still be playing or not
kalo nk main pon
sape je yg ade??
alvin, aiman, mon, bob, haizam, pastu naza n reza
dak2 asasi yg baru blom tntu jnes yg bsukan mcm kitorg
da kali ke brape aku nguap pon x sure
getting sleepy
time for me to sleep
nite2 people
i miss my lya sooo much
15000 pon 15000 laa syg
asal dpt kawen
kuiz kat facebook tu pnipu je
love u syg~~

till next time..aDios~~!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


this coming tuesday
another PTE test

am fuckin' nervous
can i do well??
just like in the first test??
hope i can
juz finished studying the note that he gave to us

quite a lot to be read
hope i can finish all of 'em on time

this sunday
there'll be football tournament
can't wait to play

this time i'm da captain of the team

sounds funny~~!!
one thing for sure

i'm not going to play as a defender again
i will be joining the attacking force up front

hope to score a goal or two
haha (keep on dreamin')
we'll be playing against accountancy students and also MEBA students in the group stage
hope to win both games
i'll be giving my 200% during the game
by the way i got a new haircut
thanx to adi paan for cutting my hair
lya doesn't like it
but i do
much more comfortable

i dun care what other people might think
as long as i like my new hairstyle
sorry syg for not listenin' to u
dun be mad at me
love u so much~~!!!!!

almost 4 a.m

time for me to sleep

till next time..aDios~~!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

~~Beautiful End~~

slesai sudah CE n Syajar
ini bmakna..
slesai sudah keje aku sbg projek manager..
lega gle ah..
CE bjalan lancar..
walaupon ade sdikit kesilapan teknikal time talentime
klam kabut aku, aiman, wan dibuatnye
nasib baik x kene bebel ngan puan nora
tp ape yg wat aku hepi
pgarah puji program tu
Syajar skali
bangga aku..
walaopon ade kesilapan2 yg aku wat..
tp program tu still dpt pujian
papehal pon
aku nk ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada smua
terutamanya puan nora
sbb bg aku pluang utk handle program tu
i learned a lot of things
to committee members..
alina, aiman, ikhwan, azmin, rauf, alvin, dan yg lain2 yg aku x mention name kat sini
thank you (tmasuk sesetgh org yg nama ade dlm buku keje lgsg x buat..event tu pon x gi)
kalo xde korg
xtau laa mcm mane
thank you very much people
i owe u guys a lot
to mama..
thanx for giving me strength and support, motivation
utk jalankan program ni..
thanx syg..
syg mama~~
skarang ni bleh laa aku rehat
after a week full of works..
tp xleh nk rehat sgt pon
assignment bsepah
ahad ni ade tournament bola plak
busy btol aku
x kesah
asalkan idup aku x terbazir ngan tbaring ats tilam sehari suntuk
at least i'm being an active teslian
harap2 aku ade pluang utk handle aktiviti/program lain plak
best jgk jd project manager ni
skrg nk kene focus pada assignment lak
PTE, literature, method, etc...
byk lg ni nk kene ngadap
mintak sgt ahli2 group aku wat keje
especially utk PTE..
xnk da ade ahli tdo
k laa..
aku nk rest jap..
japgi ade klas lg...

till next time..aDios~~!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


ermmm~~ nk tulis ape ek?
penat ni
baru balik dr kampus

td tlg dak2 syajar sket2
dpt laa nasik sbungkus dua utk wat isi prot aku yg kosong ni
ade rezeki aku mkn free arini hehe~~
smalam dak2 asasi dtg
arini dak2 syajar
esok dak2 asasi lg

x sabar nk tggu CE abes

bleh rehat

xyah duk ulang alik naik turun HEP da

nk pinjam walkie talkie pon payah
leceh gile~~

mcm nk pinjam jongkong emas
tau laa benda tu mahal

tp aku pinjam utk aktiviti yg mlibatkan KBM jgk
bkn aku pinjam nk wat main menatang tu
x paham aku ngan HEP ni
seb bek laa En.Wahid tu ade
sng sket kalo brurusan ngan die

2-3 arini aku jarang msg ngan Lya

mlm ni kalo xde aral mlintang bleh laa msg ngan die lame2
sian plak die

mesti die kcik ati ngan aku

ingat lg masa pre dlu
aku kene marah sbb slalu busykan diri
skrg ni aku lg laa busy
sorry syg~~

sorry sbab ur bf ni suke tlibat ngan benda2 mcm ni
but one thing 4 sure
dun 4get or doubt dat
doakan aktiviti2 ni bjalan lancar ye syg
kalo x...
papa jgk la yg kene bebel ngan puan nora nnt

xnk kene bebel ngan die
smalam da kene da sbb salah book auditorium
HEP, maintenance, puan nora
sume bebel kat aku

tp mmg salah aku jgk
i miss you syg~~

k laa..

cukup laa dlu utk entry ni
nk rest sat~~

pnat gile~~!!
bestnya dpt baring atas tilam ni


till next time..aDios~~!!
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