Saturday, March 28, 2009


this coming tuesday
another PTE test

am fuckin' nervous
can i do well??
just like in the first test??
hope i can
juz finished studying the note that he gave to us

quite a lot to be read
hope i can finish all of 'em on time

this sunday
there'll be football tournament
can't wait to play

this time i'm da captain of the team

sounds funny~~!!
one thing for sure

i'm not going to play as a defender again
i will be joining the attacking force up front

hope to score a goal or two
haha (keep on dreamin')
we'll be playing against accountancy students and also MEBA students in the group stage
hope to win both games
i'll be giving my 200% during the game
by the way i got a new haircut
thanx to adi paan for cutting my hair
lya doesn't like it
but i do
much more comfortable

i dun care what other people might think
as long as i like my new hairstyle
sorry syg for not listenin' to u
dun be mad at me
love u so much~~!!!!!

almost 4 a.m

time for me to sleep

till next time..aDios~~!!

1 comment:

  1. mafia..pasneh tayah pasan comey da..x comey bile ketue mafia jek..


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