Saturday, March 12, 2011

Days of Pleasure~

it's saturday and i have been spending the last few days in GSC (watching movies of course)
so here is my humble opinions regarding the movies that i have watched this week
let's start with HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA............
waited for this movie to be released for a few months actually
the trailer looks awesome as if this is not a malaysian movie
Story line: simple..the original chronicle of Merong Mahawangsa is supposed to be longer..but due to the time limitation..the movie has to cut it short..but it is still interesting enough..
Casts: the main cast did quite a good job..although they could do a bit better i guess..the extras were not good enough though..some of them didnt have the appearance of a soldier at all..maybe KRU should do better next time when they want to hire extras..
CGI: kinda dissapointing..especially towards the end of the's rather frustrating for me..but after looking at the production crews (filled with local people)..i think they did OK..maybe not as good as the Hollywood productions..but we are getting there (..slowly)..
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars..this might seem harsh..but this movie could have done better with some improvements..

now..we move on to the 2nd movie which is I AM NUMBER FOUR.....

a story about a teenager who is an alien and lives on earth..been running from other aliens who are trying to kill him and the other 8 from his kind due to their super powers..met a girl and fell in love while discovering his true strength at the same time..
Story line: the story sounds typical..aint it?but the whole story is much more interesting compared to the summary. this story is wayyy cooler than the Twilight series..with a mixture of romance and actions..the actions are not as good as the other Michael Bay's movies..but still good enough to make u enjoy the movie..
Casts: ok enough for me..the hero is not too macho and cool..looks humble and simpler words..not annoying as Edward Cullen..Number 6 is cooool too..heee..others are ok..
CGI: it's Michael Bay's movie..enuff said..
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars..the mixture between romance and actions is well-blended..hope it does have a sequel..

Next up is THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU........

Story line: is quite slow for certain people..but for is a movie that makes u think..the idea of representing other characters in real world with the casts is creative!the story is a mockery towards human being and that makes me think and love it!
Casts: Matt Damon performed well in this story and i think the casting people did a good job in choosing him..Emily is not disappointing either..the duo and the other casts managed to make the story worth watching..none of them disappoint me..
CGI: this is not an action no comment regarding the CGI..
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars..the whole idea of the movie itself is is not too heavy for the audiences (doesnt make u think too hard like Inception)..

Last but not least..RANGO..

Story line: LAME...typical story about a loser who tried to bluff others about himself..tried to sound cool in front of people who dont know him..but finally busted and then thrown out by the local back after self-realization and becomes a real hero..sounds too familiar aint it?everything is predictable in this movie..maybe the target audience is children..but at least they could come out with a fresh idea rather than this..
Casts: the movie uses the voice of Johnny Depp..which is a good strategy to lure people to come and watch it..but frankly speaking..JD did nothing special in delivering his character..
CGI: it's an animation..but the quality of the animation did not really impress me..maybe not as good as the ones produced by Pixar..but OK enough..
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars..the movie is boring for me..luckily the jokes were there..didnt make me laugh hard though..

i guess this is all from me..i may not be an established person to critic a movie..but i paid to watch the movies..and i have the rights to talk about them..hope whatever i wrote here may help u in deciding which movie to watch

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