Thursday, October 13, 2011


am currently searching for Harimau Malaya blog template
mane nk cari eh?anyone with info..please share with me
would really2 appreciate your help! :)


Finally..a new post!LOL!

it has been a while since the last time i wrote in's not that i don't want to..but life has been changing and i was busy adapting to it..
since i can't sleep at the moment..i'm taking this time to write again..

just finished my first semester of teaching here in UiTM Alor Gajah..the students are now having their semester nothing much i have to do right now..keep repeating the same activities as my daily routine..
kinda missing my students actually..they might be troublesome at times..but at least they do provide some kind of entertainment that i can laugh at (sorry guys are just hilarious sometimes!)

i'll be having my convocation day in about two weeks time..can't wait..
finally i am officially a degree considering my options in pursuing my Master..most probably will end up as a student in UPM in a few months time..

my football life?right now is praying hard for this friday match (Kelantan vs Terengganu: 2nd Leg)..hoping that The Red Warriors will make it through to the next round (semi-final) after they went down to a 1-3 scoreline last monday..really wish i could go back home and cheer as loud as i can for them..i might be staying in Melaka..but i am forever a Kelantanese..

as for movie watching at cn be said that i rarely doing it..found a new hobby actually which is playing pool..still learning but i can say that i am quite talented in that game (ok..cakap besar..hahah!!but really..i am quite good)

what else to write eh??guess this would be all for now..hey!i think my English is improving despite having to use BM all the time during teaching Basic English Language..haha..ok..the Subuh azan is already being's time for me to leave..till next time peeps!
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