Thursday, November 25, 2010


dunno why..but lately..really feel like i wanna kick a football
mybe sbb lame sgt x main futsal kot
kaki ni rase mcm nk sepak bola je memanjang
smpaikn dlm kpala tlintas nk gi beli bola
yaaa...aku tau aku x terer sgt x kire ah
nk sepak bola jgk!!

ade mcm aku x si beckham ni?wahaha!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nothingness in me~

back in kelantan again
dunno what else to do, other than trying my best to finish my AE as much as i can
time now is 0021 hours and today is Hari Raya!!
just finished doing some parts of my AE
kinda hungry right now
can't find anything to eat
luckily, i saw some Tiger biscuits on the table
boleh la..drp xde pape utk dimakan
will be spending the next few hours in front of the TV
before going to sleep
esok aku x rase aku ade pape program yg menarik utk dibuat
ngadap laptop je la kot n try wat keje
pape all my frens..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Denzel is in action again~

watched 'Unstoppable' today
great movie..with good story line
the fact that the story is based on the true event made it more enjoyable to watch
FYI, Mr. Denzel Washington is one of my favourite actors and majority of his movies (Pelham 123, Man on Fire) never disappoint me
after knowing that he is one of the main cast of this movie, i quickly included this movie in my 'must watch' list
and again, my decision was right
the movie is about how two men from different backgrounds put aside all their differences and work together in order to save the city

Denzel: train driver (driver?erk..the guy who controls the movement of the train)..has been working for 28 years and got a lot of experiences in handling trains..a guy with a happy family
Chris: the train conductor (the guy who is in charge of a train - Denzel's superior)..has just started to work for 4 months..inexperienced..and got problems with his marriage..

actually, i can give u the whole story of the movie..but i think it'll be inappropriate for me to do i'll just give u my comments only..
the story was good..with the main strength of it would be the two main characters..the story was simple but entertaining enough with few heart-stopping scenes..humour element was also included in it, making it less stressful to watch..all in all..the movie was good enough for me..Denzel and Chris were good..u'll enjoy it :)

Unstoppable: 3.8/5 stars

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


the title ~aaaaaaa~ here represents how boring my day has been
it only started a few hours ago to begin with
woke up at 3 pm??WTH??
got nothing to do today other than spending my times with frens
actually got something to do (AE)..but *cricket sounds*
ahhh..forget about it for while..need to get my bath
damn..even for a bath i'm feeling lazy

need to move my muscles and do something today
i can do it!but what to do?hmmm...need to think...aaaaaaaaa~

Monday, November 8, 2010


penat gile rasa badan ni
all because of the 14-hours driving yesterday
all the way from kota bharu to johor bharu
kalo nk ikotkan..dlm masa 10 hours da bleh smpai smlm
tp disebabkn kakak aku yg x reti2 nk stop mbebel evrytime aku laju sket
tpaksa la aku bwk slow
tensen tol drive kalo die kat sbelah
die igt aku ni baru dpt lesen smalam ke?
i've been a car driver for almost 7 years already laa
x pnah2 eksiden
bkn nk aku x rasa cara aku drive tu bhaya
mmg la mcm aku da amek kire mcm2 aspek b4 nk laju
tahap brake mcm mane..handling kete mcm mane
bkn aku men redah je
die plak duk mbebel plak kat sbelah
ngn ank sdara aku duk nanges lg..TENSEN gile smalam
pnat bkn sbb kene drive pnat sbb skt kpala mlayan diorg
tp xleh nk kate ape laa sbb kete akak aku..hahah
tggu aku ade kete sdiri nnt..mmg patah jarum speedometer tu nnt..haha
skrg ni da kat mlaka
ikut plan..nk wat ble da smpai ni..mcm malas la plak
xpe tgk wyg dlu la..haha..aDios~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's all about my tomorrow~

i'll be driving back to JB with my sister and her kids
so i'm expecting myself to spend at least half of my day in the car
it'll be a long and tiring day
is the day when liverpool VS chelsea game will take place
hoping for the blues to triumph and do the double on the reds again
might be watchingthe game alone somewhere in JB (hope i will reach JB before 11pm)
whatever it is..good luck chelsea!!
hope we'll win the game despite losing some of the main starters (lampard, essien, bosingwa)

me likey this song very much!!
the movie was awesome!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


the holiday is here again
and here i am..back in my hometown
doing nothing
bosan yg teramat
nk terikat ngn mcm2 la plak
nk kuar mlepak pon..duet tarak..
so tbengkalai la aku kat umh week balik mlaka bleh la mlepak ngn sisa2 dak tesl yg ade kat sane
smbil2 wat AE aku yg baru 2-3 pages start..
ahad nk kena drive balik johor plak..
penat weyh!
xpe2..nasib baik aku ske drive jauh2 ni..
so melaka..i'm coming back for u!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


being at hometown brings boredom into my life
but somehow i'll have to be home (because of my parents)
wanna start working on my AE..but still looking for the 'perfect' moment to start (lame excuse for being lazy)
missing Melaka and friends there
will try to look for excuses to be back in Melaka A.S.A.P
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