Thursday, October 13, 2011


am currently searching for Harimau Malaya blog template
mane nk cari eh?anyone with info..please share with me
would really2 appreciate your help! :)


Finally..a new post!LOL!

it has been a while since the last time i wrote in's not that i don't want to..but life has been changing and i was busy adapting to it..
since i can't sleep at the moment..i'm taking this time to write again..

just finished my first semester of teaching here in UiTM Alor Gajah..the students are now having their semester nothing much i have to do right now..keep repeating the same activities as my daily routine..
kinda missing my students actually..they might be troublesome at times..but at least they do provide some kind of entertainment that i can laugh at (sorry guys are just hilarious sometimes!)

i'll be having my convocation day in about two weeks time..can't wait..
finally i am officially a degree considering my options in pursuing my Master..most probably will end up as a student in UPM in a few months time..

my football life?right now is praying hard for this friday match (Kelantan vs Terengganu: 2nd Leg)..hoping that The Red Warriors will make it through to the next round (semi-final) after they went down to a 1-3 scoreline last monday..really wish i could go back home and cheer as loud as i can for them..i might be staying in Melaka..but i am forever a Kelantanese..

as for movie watching at cn be said that i rarely doing it..found a new hobby actually which is playing pool..still learning but i can say that i am quite talented in that game (ok..cakap besar..hahah!!but really..i am quite good)

what else to write eh??guess this would be all for now..hey!i think my English is improving despite having to use BM all the time during teaching Basic English Language..haha..ok..the Subuh azan is already being's time for me to leave..till next time peeps!

Friday, August 5, 2011


just picturing my mood at the moment :(

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

updating for the sake of updating~

xde ape pon nk tulis...saje2 update..
skrg ni busy (busy ke??) dgn keje sbg seorg pensyarh yg x berape nk bkaliber kat UiTM Alor Gajah...
a confusing first semester..but hoping to become better as time goes by..
having fun actually with my work..
my students? they can be really annoying sometimes..but luckily diorg ni faham dgn komitmen aku sbg pensyarah n at the same time pyokong tegar Harimau Malaya..

p/s: still bsedih dgn pyingkiran Malaysia dr kelayakan Brazil 2014 :'(

Saturday, June 4, 2011

aku dah KEJE!!

just a short entry this time to share with u guys the information that

I HAVE STARTED WORKING!!! (alhamdulillah)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


2 hari lpas aku pulang ke kampung halamanku (kelantan) bersama-sama sahabat-sahabat dari ultraSel..bertolak dari Shah Alam jam 1.15 pagi dan tiba di Kota Bharu pada jam 10 pagi..tujuan hanya satu..untuk menyaksikan perlawanan yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh ramai peminat dan pemerhati bola sepak tempatan..perlawanan antara TRW menentang Red entri ini bukan untuk mengulas berkenaan perlawanan tersebut yang berkesudahan berpihak kepada tuan rumah (kelantan 1-0 Selangor)..tapi apa yg aku ingin coretkan di sini ialah berkenaan semangat..pertama sekali..aku ingin menzahirkan rasa kagum aku terhadap sekumpulan penyokong selangor yg menggelarkan diri mereka ultraSel ini..mereka bersusah payah dtg ke bumi kelantan semata-mata untuk menyokong pasukan mereka..berhabis wang ringgit demi negeri tercinta..aku juga kagum dengan keberanian mereka utk bersorak memberi sokongan terhadap pasukan mereka walaupun dikelilingi puluhan ribu penyokong tuan rumah..mereka menaha segala cacian dan balingan dengan senyuman..mereka tidak henti menyanyi dan bersorak demi Selangor..kemudian kekagumanku terarah kepada kumpulan penyokong pasukan tuan rumah yang digelar Ultras Kelantan-The Red Mania (UKTRM)..walaupun mereka tidak seakrab mana dengan ultraSel..tapi mereka sedaya upaya cuba membantu tetamu mereka..mereka cuba melindungi sahabat-sahabat seperjuangan dari terkena balingan air dan objek-objek lain (walaupun cubaan mereka agak tidak berhasil)..cukup kagum dengan semangat kedua-dua belah pihak yang cuba membuktikan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia bahawa sukan mampu menyatukan rakyat yg berbeza latar belakang..serahkan tugas 'bertempur' kepada pemain-pemain yang beraksi di atas padang..tidak perlu kita sebagai penyokong bertindak diluar akal dan bergaduh sesama sendiri..diharapkan semoga apa yang terjadi diambil iktibar dan semoga perubahan akan terus berlaku..demi masa depan bola sepak negara sendiri..insyaAllah..

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Final Dinner~

Azmin sblom muntah

2 peguam bela bsama mangsa rogol..haha

3 jejaka pinggitan TESL

With Zaza

The Empress of TESL: Puan Aida Azlina

Dinner's PM: Noraina Ayu

baju dinner yg simple :p

3 makhluk berendam sblom melantak..haha

The Final TESL Dinner
it was fun
to all my frens..till we meet again in future
take a good care of yourself
build a happy family and have a successful career of your own
you will always be my frens no matter what happened
love all of you TESLians~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Days of Pleasure~

it's saturday and i have been spending the last few days in GSC (watching movies of course)
so here is my humble opinions regarding the movies that i have watched this week
let's start with HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA............
waited for this movie to be released for a few months actually
the trailer looks awesome as if this is not a malaysian movie
Story line: simple..the original chronicle of Merong Mahawangsa is supposed to be longer..but due to the time limitation..the movie has to cut it short..but it is still interesting enough..
Casts: the main cast did quite a good job..although they could do a bit better i guess..the extras were not good enough though..some of them didnt have the appearance of a soldier at all..maybe KRU should do better next time when they want to hire extras..
CGI: kinda dissapointing..especially towards the end of the's rather frustrating for me..but after looking at the production crews (filled with local people)..i think they did OK..maybe not as good as the Hollywood productions..but we are getting there (..slowly)..
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars..this might seem harsh..but this movie could have done better with some improvements..

now..we move on to the 2nd movie which is I AM NUMBER FOUR.....

a story about a teenager who is an alien and lives on earth..been running from other aliens who are trying to kill him and the other 8 from his kind due to their super powers..met a girl and fell in love while discovering his true strength at the same time..
Story line: the story sounds typical..aint it?but the whole story is much more interesting compared to the summary. this story is wayyy cooler than the Twilight series..with a mixture of romance and actions..the actions are not as good as the other Michael Bay's movies..but still good enough to make u enjoy the movie..
Casts: ok enough for me..the hero is not too macho and cool..looks humble and simpler words..not annoying as Edward Cullen..Number 6 is cooool too..heee..others are ok..
CGI: it's Michael Bay's movie..enuff said..
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars..the mixture between romance and actions is well-blended..hope it does have a sequel..

Next up is THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU........

Story line: is quite slow for certain people..but for is a movie that makes u think..the idea of representing other characters in real world with the casts is creative!the story is a mockery towards human being and that makes me think and love it!
Casts: Matt Damon performed well in this story and i think the casting people did a good job in choosing him..Emily is not disappointing either..the duo and the other casts managed to make the story worth watching..none of them disappoint me..
CGI: this is not an action no comment regarding the CGI..
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars..the whole idea of the movie itself is is not too heavy for the audiences (doesnt make u think too hard like Inception)..

Last but not least..RANGO..

Story line: LAME...typical story about a loser who tried to bluff others about himself..tried to sound cool in front of people who dont know him..but finally busted and then thrown out by the local back after self-realization and becomes a real hero..sounds too familiar aint it?everything is predictable in this movie..maybe the target audience is children..but at least they could come out with a fresh idea rather than this..
Casts: the movie uses the voice of Johnny Depp..which is a good strategy to lure people to come and watch it..but frankly speaking..JD did nothing special in delivering his character..
CGI: it's an animation..but the quality of the animation did not really impress me..maybe not as good as the ones produced by Pixar..but OK enough..
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars..the movie is boring for me..luckily the jokes were there..didnt make me laugh hard though..

i guess this is all from me..i may not be an established person to critic a movie..but i paid to watch the movies..and i have the rights to talk about them..hope whatever i wrote here may help u in deciding which movie to watch

Sunday, February 27, 2011


aku x reti manage time
and skarang padan muka aku!
too many works and assignments with too little time to finish all of em
this is just what i needed
again..PADAN MUKA!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Glorious Night~

semalam aku ke SSA lg..kali ini utk berjuang bersama2 Harimau Malaya utk menentang Pakistan
btolak dari melaka tepat jam 430 ptg dan tiba di perkarangan stadium jam 630 ptg
berkumpul bersama ultras2 negeri lain sebelum bgerak masuk ke stadium
oh ya..aku ke sana dgn kereta si hafidz dan bersama2 kami ialah rizal dan huzir
aku ditugaskn utk bwk masuk drum yg kecik..nk pikul yg besa2..mmg pth tulang aku..haha
lepas amek tempat..sesi memanaskn kerongkong bermula..
kali ini..area Gate 15 yg diduduki UM dilihat berlaku penambahan dari segi ahli
Lekir selaku capo turut menjemput mana2 penonton biasa yg ingin menyertai UM
alhamdulillah..dpt sambutan yg menggalakkan
mungkin pertambahan bilangan kali ni juga disebabkn kehadiran SSU (Silver State Ultras) yg sbelum ini tidak hadir sewaktu perlawanan menentang Hong Kong
slesai masing2 mengambil tempat..dah rapat2kan saf..maka kami mulalah berchanting
jam di scoreboard baru menunjukkan perlawanan berlangsung 3minit di kala SSA bergegar dgn sorakan lantang penyokong Malaysia
ramai di kalangan ahli ultras yg terpinga2 bila tdengarkan sorakan tsebut (maklum laa..kami ni da biasa chant je memanjang..bile masa tgk bola pon xtau)
alhamdulillah..Malaysia bjaya membuka jaringan hasil Wan Zaharulnizam..bile tgk kat utube..baru prasan cntik gol tu..haha
kami teruskan nyanyian kami mcm biasa..smpai la abes game..oh ya..gol kedua dijaringkan ol
eh Irfan Fazali - minit ke 48
lupa plak nk cerita insiden Lekir sentap..
tgh2 chant..tibe2 die mgamuk..igtkn sbb ape..pusing2 blakang..tgk ade sorg mamat pkai bj mlysia tgh pgang mafla wonder la mamat tu ngamuk..
mafla tsebut dirampas..dan dibuang + diludah oleh senior UM
mamat tbabit rasanye beredar disebabkn perasaan bersalah..
kesian jgk kat die..maybe die nk wat x kena tmpat la bro..kalo ko kat area/gate lain..bleh la wat mcm bukan kat gate 15..
match slesai hampir jam 11..dan kami (dak2 UTS) ambik keputusan utk trus bgerak balik (memandangkan esok ade klas & keje) dan tidak dpt bsama2 UltraSel dan yg lain2 utk lepak..
kami berhenti mkn di RnR seremban dan tiba di mlaka hampir jam 2..
maka..berakhirlah sebuah lagi perjalananku demi Harimau Malaya dan tanahairku..alhamdulillah..smuanya berbaloi
buat ank2 buah Ong Kim ur best in Pakistan..pastikan kita mara jauh dan kalo bleh..smpai ke London 2012 nnt..InsyaAllah~


Monday, February 21, 2011

My New Family in Melaka

inilah keluarga baruku di negeri hang tuah ini
walaupun baru sbulan bersama mereka..dah terlalu byk kenangan indah yg aku dpt
keluarga kami x besar (lbih kurg 15 org sahaja)
tapi kami tetap bersama..walau apa pon jd..
kami tetap bdiri teguh bersama ketua kami..abang Lekir
terima kasih buat beliau kerana berjaya menubuhkan keluarga kecil ini
moga akan trus bkembang menjadi keluarga yg besar dan dihormati
oh ya..kami semua bernaung di bawah satu nama


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Malaysiaku gah di SSA

rabu lalu aku ke Stadium Shah Alam (SSA) utk pertama kalinya
tlebih dahulu ingin memohon maaf kerana post ini tidak mempunyai gambar utk dipamerkan
sbb trip aku kali ni bukan bertujuan utk bergambar
rabu merupakan hari yg memenatkan (Sangat!)
bgun pagi semata2 utk menghantar surat2 jemputan event aku (public speaking) ke kolej/universiti di sekitar melaka
kemudian bkejar ke kelas pula
tp before ke kelas..singgah dlu di Melaka Sentral untuk tgk2 tiket ke shah alam ptg rabu tu
alhamdulillah..ade tiket ke sana jam 430 ptg
jd aku buat keputusan utk beli tiket tu
sbb ape?
sebab nk ke stadium utk memberi semangat dan sokongan buat skuad bola sepak kebangsaan yg akn beraksi menentang Hong Kong pd jam 830 mlm hari yg sama
kelas aku jam 130 smpai la 430 ptg
dlm kpala duk kalut pikir..sempat ke aku nk kejar bus ni?
alhamdulillah..rezeki aku murah pd hari tu..dan aku sempat naik bus walaupun lewat 5 minit
kawan2 aku yg lain (dak2 Ultras Taming Sari) dah pun btolak ke shah alam tlebih dahulu
meninggalkan aku yg terikat dgn kelas
tp x kesah..aku masih mmpu bgerak ke sana sdirian
jd kene tggl ngan diorg tu bkn alasan utk aku tidak hadir ke SSA
so bgerak la aku ke shah alam seorg diri
smpai di sana hampir2 jam 7
bjaya mintak tlg kawan aku (student TESL UiTM Shah Alam) utk hantar aku ke stadium
menjejakkan kaki di perkarangan stadium hampir jam 730
bkumpul bsama UTS & UM & ahli2 sub-ultras yg lain sebelum bgerak masuk ke stadium
dpt je tempat..maka bermulalah chants kami utk menyuntik semangat para pemain
walaupun time tu diorg x masuk padang kami tetap menyanyi utk mereka
penat naik bus blom ilang lagi bile dpt bsama2 mereka2 yg sehati dan sejiwa dgnku ini
kepenatan langsung x dirasai
tumpuan diberikan kepada capo/leader ultras yg mengepalai sorakan..bukan kpada perlawanan
alhamdulillah..sorakan kami sedikit sebanyak memberi semangat buat anak2 buah K.Rajagobal
Malaysia menang lagi..kali ni dgn pasukan yg pernah beberapa kali menewaskan kita
menang 2-0!! (jaingan oleh Safiq Rahim & Amirulhadi Zainal)
gembira bukan kepalang lagi aku dan rakan2 walaupun ini cuma friendly match
gembira bkn hanya disebabkn kemenangan pasukan juga gembira dgn peningkatan mutu permainan mereka
insyaAllah..diharapkan kegembiraan ini akan berterusan sehingga Malaysia kembali menjadi kuasa besar bola sepak Asia..seperti dahulu
yg penting..aku akan tetap bdiri di belakang mereka..menyumbangkn keringat dan suara setakat yg termampu


btolak pulang ke melaka selepas perlawanan dan tiba hampir jam 4 pagi
penat?sangat tidurku masih dalam senyum..

Monday, January 31, 2011


having this kind of feeling cos i couldnt see my dear friend who just came to visit Melaka for her holiday..she didn't come for me..but yet i really wished i could spend a lil bit of my time..hanging around with her..but since it has been raining for few days now in Melaka..i couldn't do that..maybe i'll see her again soon..btw..sorry Suha sbb x dpt lepak ngn ko..aku duk ajak ko dtg aku x dpt jmpe ko time kite lepak ye!

Friday, January 28, 2011


semalam..berakhirlah sudah pementasan rasmi teater Tembok Kaca
actually the whole thing (practices and everything) da lama start
tp teater tu baru dipentaskan smalam
obviously muka smua yg tlibat smalam menunjukkan reaksi penat + lega
and i was one of them
Poster lama (taken from

dua hari terakhir (25/26 Januari 2011) tu mmg myakitkan bagi aku
from my achilles up to my neck..everything was in pain
smpaikn hari pementasan..i was limping around due to the excessive pain
before staging..cramp kaki skejap
nasib baik x trok sgt
aku gagahkn jgk badan ni utk bertahan smpai la pementasan tamat
abes2 je staging..blk dr dinner..aku tros collapsed atas tilam aku yg empuk ni
tp smpaikn arini..sakit bdn aku still ada..bdn pon da start panas semacam..demam!!
nasib baik la esok da xde klas n cuti CNY aku da bmula
so bleh la berehat lama sket..smbil2 wat AE time cuti ni
nk upload pics aku xde pics utk diupload
x sempat2 nk amek pics pon..n org lain pon xde yg nk bgambar ngn aku
aku ni bkn plakon..x feymes..SM yg duk blkg pentas..haha (ayat kcewa)
tp x kesah pon..yg pntg..aku tau aku da cuba yg terbaik on my first try in becoming the SM
hope people do think i did a good job
so,till next time..i'll take my leave first
need my rest

Sunday, January 16, 2011


actually aku tgh plan utk ke SBJ next month
Harimau Malaya vs Hong Kong (friendly)
9 Febuari 2011
tp xtau nk ajak sape
n xtau nk tumpang tdo kat mane malam tu
sbb match tu malam n abes kul 10 lbih
mane ade bas nk balik mlaka da
selamat x agak2 kalo merempat je kat stesen bus tu satu mlm?
nk gi sdiri ngn moto?mmg x yakin la
tp..still bleh dipertimbangkan idea tu
nk try ajak abe ngn raop la
kalo raop join..bleh naek kete die
bleh trus blk mlm tu
hmmm~ still thinking about all the possibilities

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


sibuk di sini bukan merujuk kepada seseorg yg jnis penyibuk
tp merujuk kepada kesibukan dlm mghadapi hari-hari dlm hidup aku
lpas satu..satu esaimen dpt n kene siapkn
AE pnya progress sgt2 slow
supposed to go to KAG esok pagi
tp dont think i could make it for AE
kene siapkn lg sket b4 aku mghadap SV aku
perlukan seseorg utk bagi aku penampar supaya aku sedar yg aku skrg bkn tgh bcuti
bile la nk jadi rajin ni
umo da makin kemalasan aku makin hari makin trok!
semalas2 org lain pon..keje bjalan jgk
aku?hape pon x bgerak
esok xde klas..dats why smpai skrg x tdo lg gi tgk Season of the Witch
not a bad movie..but not really a great movie (3 out of 5 stars)
nicholas cage was good..but the story itself is not good enough
maybe skrg tu genre yg die minat lantak die la
mgantok!nk tdo....................ZZZZZZzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz~

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Start~

my final semester has just started yesterday
haih~ need to struggle more this semester
igt xnk ponteng klas sem ni
tp ptg smlm da terponteng satu klas da
smua pasal tlajak tdo..hampeh sungguh
malas nk tulis pjg2..lenkali la smbung..hehe
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