Saturday, March 28, 2009


this coming tuesday
another PTE test

am fuckin' nervous
can i do well??
just like in the first test??
hope i can
juz finished studying the note that he gave to us

quite a lot to be read
hope i can finish all of 'em on time

this sunday
there'll be football tournament
can't wait to play

this time i'm da captain of the team

sounds funny~~!!
one thing for sure

i'm not going to play as a defender again
i will be joining the attacking force up front

hope to score a goal or two
haha (keep on dreamin')
we'll be playing against accountancy students and also MEBA students in the group stage
hope to win both games
i'll be giving my 200% during the game
by the way i got a new haircut
thanx to adi paan for cutting my hair
lya doesn't like it
but i do
much more comfortable

i dun care what other people might think
as long as i like my new hairstyle
sorry syg for not listenin' to u
dun be mad at me
love u so much~~!!!!!

almost 4 a.m

time for me to sleep

till next time..aDios~~!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

~~Beautiful End~~

slesai sudah CE n Syajar
ini bmakna..
slesai sudah keje aku sbg projek manager..
lega gle ah..
CE bjalan lancar..
walaupon ade sdikit kesilapan teknikal time talentime
klam kabut aku, aiman, wan dibuatnye
nasib baik x kene bebel ngan puan nora
tp ape yg wat aku hepi
pgarah puji program tu
Syajar skali
bangga aku..
walaopon ade kesilapan2 yg aku wat..
tp program tu still dpt pujian
papehal pon
aku nk ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada smua
terutamanya puan nora
sbb bg aku pluang utk handle program tu
i learned a lot of things
to committee members..
alina, aiman, ikhwan, azmin, rauf, alvin, dan yg lain2 yg aku x mention name kat sini
thank you (tmasuk sesetgh org yg nama ade dlm buku keje lgsg x buat..event tu pon x gi)
kalo xde korg
xtau laa mcm mane
thank you very much people
i owe u guys a lot
to mama..
thanx for giving me strength and support, motivation
utk jalankan program ni..
thanx syg..
syg mama~~
skarang ni bleh laa aku rehat
after a week full of works..
tp xleh nk rehat sgt pon
assignment bsepah
ahad ni ade tournament bola plak
busy btol aku
x kesah
asalkan idup aku x terbazir ngan tbaring ats tilam sehari suntuk
at least i'm being an active teslian
harap2 aku ade pluang utk handle aktiviti/program lain plak
best jgk jd project manager ni
skrg nk kene focus pada assignment lak
PTE, literature, method, etc...
byk lg ni nk kene ngadap
mintak sgt ahli2 group aku wat keje
especially utk PTE..
xnk da ade ahli tdo
k laa..
aku nk rest jap..
japgi ade klas lg...

till next time..aDios~~!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


ermmm~~ nk tulis ape ek?
penat ni
baru balik dr kampus

td tlg dak2 syajar sket2
dpt laa nasik sbungkus dua utk wat isi prot aku yg kosong ni
ade rezeki aku mkn free arini hehe~~
smalam dak2 asasi dtg
arini dak2 syajar
esok dak2 asasi lg

x sabar nk tggu CE abes

bleh rehat

xyah duk ulang alik naik turun HEP da

nk pinjam walkie talkie pon payah
leceh gile~~

mcm nk pinjam jongkong emas
tau laa benda tu mahal

tp aku pinjam utk aktiviti yg mlibatkan KBM jgk
bkn aku pinjam nk wat main menatang tu
x paham aku ngan HEP ni
seb bek laa En.Wahid tu ade
sng sket kalo brurusan ngan die

2-3 arini aku jarang msg ngan Lya

mlm ni kalo xde aral mlintang bleh laa msg ngan die lame2
sian plak die

mesti die kcik ati ngan aku

ingat lg masa pre dlu
aku kene marah sbb slalu busykan diri
skrg ni aku lg laa busy
sorry syg~~

sorry sbab ur bf ni suke tlibat ngan benda2 mcm ni
but one thing 4 sure
dun 4get or doubt dat
doakan aktiviti2 ni bjalan lancar ye syg
kalo x...
papa jgk la yg kene bebel ngan puan nora nnt

xnk kene bebel ngan die
smalam da kene da sbb salah book auditorium
HEP, maintenance, puan nora
sume bebel kat aku

tp mmg salah aku jgk
i miss you syg~~

k laa..

cukup laa dlu utk entry ni
nk rest sat~~

pnat gile~~!!
bestnya dpt baring atas tilam ni


till next time..aDios~~!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tiring Day~~

penat seh arini
smalam da laa tdo kat subuh da
siapkan keje literature
pastu b4 kul 10 da bgun da
sambung balik wat keje
spatutnya keje group
tp kitorg decide nk wat sdiri2 pnye
ade yg wat drover's wife
ade yg wat those winter's sunday
aku plak wat pasal shooting an elephant
ingatkn nk compare laa keje kitorg n pilih yg mane patut present
tp last2 yg siap
aku sorg je
yg sorg tu bleh consider lg laa
at least da nk siap
yg lg sorg tu
kate bleh siapkn
tp x siap jgk
siap bleh kuar dating plak
yg aku ni dpt mengantok
pnat wat keje
belh plak die gi dating
pastu ckp nk present aku pnye keje je
at least show me dat u do your work laa
aku x tdo mlm
nk siapkn benda ni
tlg laa tnjuk yg ko pon struggle utk group
nnt markah same2 dpt
pnat aku ngan org mcm ni
aku tau aku ni pmalas jgk
tp at least aku tau bile aku kene bg komitmen
n bile aku leh main2
ni markah utk final beb~~!!
korg x pk plak aku ade hal lain
nk setel last minute matters regarding CE
korg plak nk aku siapkan keje utk korg??
yg sorg ni tau ngumpat yg lg sorg je
tp x sdar die pon 2 x 5 je
lg trok ade ah
sori laa bro kalo terasa
tp ni luahan ati aku
penat woo wat keje sorg2
n yg lain lpas tgn
jgn tggu aku seret n marah2 korg baru nk wat keje
pk laa~~
aku pon manusia
bkn robot
aku nk marah2 pon
aku pk korg member aku jgk
aku nk heret korg wat keje pon
aku pk nnt korg x suke
aku kalo bleh nk korg wat keje sbb korg rasa nk wat keje
bkn sbb tpksa
tp korg x nmpk benda tu
bile aku wat rajin
wat baik
ade je yg pijak kpala aku
aku nk ngumpat ngan org lain pon
aku pk korg member aku
x elok ngumpat
so better aku luah dlm ni je laa
at least lega sket ati aku
sori ah kalo ade yg terasa
aku ngaku aku pon bkn bgus sgt
so aku paham kalo korg nk ngumpat or balas balik
da ah~~
aku nk kene bsiap
nk gi TMC plak
gi umah haizam
nk wat keje PTE plak
projek hape pon x mula lg
mtk2 mlm ni ade progress
bleh laa jgk tnjuk kat david esok
aku blah dlu..

till next time..aDios~~!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Blues 1-0 Man City

another win for Hiddink's man
a close one though
great display by Essien and Lampard today
they dictated the midfield area very well
Man City didn't look threatening enuff for The Blues
they should have win by bigger margin
but lady luck wasn't on their side
in the end~~
3 points gained at Stamford Bridge is the most important thing
the title race is all about 3-horse race
Man Utd, Chelsea, and Liverpool
who will come out as the winner??
we'll wait and see
still got at least 9 matches to go
got some work to do
so i guess i better stop here

till next time..aDios~~!!

Another Day in My Life~~

what shud i write for today??
woke up this morning quite late

went to the mirror looking at my messy hair
been thinking of getting a new hair cut

but maybe later
but the long hair is getting rather annoying
gets into my ears most of da time
then went to the kitchen
prepared myself breakfast

and ate in front of the laptop
while reading some football news
still haven't had my bath
smelly me~~
aiman has gone to Lendu
what for??

not sure
so i'm all alone at home

thinking of what to do today
maybe i shud finish my literature assignment
tomorrow's da presentation day

supposed to be a group work
but the others are not in malacca
so i guess i'll have to do it alone

got used to it

Chelsea will be playing against Man City later today
surely i won't miss da match

i'll drag anyone to go along with me

usually abe will be the victim

not sure where she is rite now

in Kuantan for sure

still got no reply for sms that i sent earlier
maybe she's busy
so boring~~
been spending most of my weekend in my room
maybe the room itself is getting sick of having me inside it

got to find something to do

before i kill myself because of boredom
my head is getting itchy

guess today's da day for me to shampoo my hair

it's been quite some time since the last time i shampooed my hair
what the fuck is happening to me??

got to take a better care of myself

listening to Rossa - Hey Ladies rite now
kinda a good song

love it~~
heard it first time on TV during the My Starz LG final
if i'm not mistaken
still waiting for some movies to be finished downloaded

i hate uTorrent

fuckin' slow~~!!

using Ares would be much better

but it's hard to find the movies i wanted using Ares

oh God~~
got no more cigarette
guess i'll have to stop here

going to 7-11 to get myself some more cigarettes


till next time..aDios~~!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Man Utd FC 1-4 Liverpool FC

the scoreline sounds impossible
but it did happened
at The Theater of Dream guys~~!!!
how did this happened?
what went wrong for Man Utd?
here goes my humble analysis of the reasons why united lost the game~~
first of all
the introduction of Anderson in midfield area
for me
he is a good player
but i don't think he has enuff quality to dictate the midfield like scholes
n he affected Carrick's game
Carrick plays better when he partners Scholes @ Giggs in the midfield park
the next mistake that Sir Alex did was
he used 2 strikers
so how can Anderson and Carrick cope with Liverpool's 3 midfielders
Gerrard, Mascherano, Lucas??
United used two central midfielders
leaving a big gap in that area and defensive area whenever they attack
this gave huge spaces for Gerrard and Torres to launch an attack
whenever they got the ball
with Carrick and Anderson missing in that area
how can Vidic and Ferdinand stop Torres and Gerrard who are so full of speed and tricks??
next mistake..
i'm not sure this one came from Sir Alex or his players on the field
but i think they seemed to be underestimating Liverpool
during the early stage of the match
they took the game to Liverpool
without being cautious at all
in a big match
u cannot be overconfident
juz like what United did in the early minutes
they might thought they could kill off Liverpool title hope easily
and their over-confidence back-fired
another mistake was
Sir Alex's men would never thought Liverpool would come to Old Trafford
with such positive mentality
thinking that they might win the game
juz look at how Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt (these 3 were the best players on the field for me) played
they gave their 110% for their team
their motivation were high
usually other teams will go to Old Trafford with fear in their mind
but that didn't happen to Liverpool today
there are several more mistakes that Man Utd players did during the match
but i think those that i mentioned were the most obvious..
now Liverpool are 2nd on the table
4 points behind Man Utd (United got a game in hand)
Chelsea will have the oppportunity to reclaim the 2nd spot tomorrow
they'll be hosting Man City at Stamford Bridge
hopefully they'll take this opportunity
to close the gap with United
and make the title race much more interesting
i know they can
can't wait for tomorrow's game

so till next time..aDios~~!!

The Palm of a Tiny Hand~~

I juz love this song
it's not a new song actually
but never got sick hearing it~~
lagu2 band ni sume bleh tahan
this song's lyric brings a lot of meanings
hope u all enjoy the video~~

till next time..aDios~~!!

my weekend @ home~~

weekend ni aku duk umah je
xde kuar merayau sgt pon
aiman je kuar..
so tinggal laa aku sorg2 kat umah
best tol~~!!
yg lain sume gi trganu
ade yg gi sh alam
so lengang laa umah ni dr hingar-bingar manusia lain
bleh laa aku melalak sorg2 n pasang winamp aku kuat2
bkn slalu leh pasang kuat2
maklum laa
kene consider speaker n tlinga org lain jgk
keje aku~~
bukak2 mata je ngadap laptop
wat nescafe panas sgelas
pastu pk nk wat esaimen
tp x wat pon
nk watpe ek arini?
mlm kang ade bola
so kuar lg ngan abe kot
tgk bola
kalo kuar bdua je ngan die best jgk
xde laa rasa tertekan time tgk bola tu
kalo x
nk cucuh okok smbil tgk bola pon payah
mklum laa
kalo cucuh pon
konfem2 aku xkn bleh isap smpai abes sbatang
so aku prefer kuar bdua je ngan die
kalo rmai2
rasa x aman~~

tetibe da rasa malas nk mnulis
lenkali je laa plak
ilang da idea aku nk mnulis
xtau gi mane da
nk gi cari jap ye

till next time..aDios~~!!

Friday Nite~~

ptg td aku tetido
celik2 mata je da kul 8 lbey
itu pon sbb aiman kjut
bukak2 mata trus bsiap nk gi men futsal
igtkan kul 9
rupenye men kul 11
haram tol lewat
seb baik laa aku ni gile futsal
pegi laa jgk ngan bob, eman, n mon
rindu seh nk men futsal
last men pon masa tournament SAFA last 2 weeks
so td men laa aku utk lpas rindu
scored couple of goals
and also some assists
balik men futsal
kuar lepak jap
mlm ni mugi n lutfi (dak asasi) tumpang tdo umah aku
bob n mon pon dtg sini jgk
ni baru lpas abes tgk slumdog millionaire
da kali ke-3 tgk
siap da hafal da certain lines dlm muvi tu
tensen dak2 ni tgk muvi tu ngan aku
'mother ch**~~!!
esok nk kene anta dak 2 eko ni gi mc
pndai sgt kuar men futsal tgh2 malam
kan da xleh masuk kmpus lendu
kene overnite sini
tp ok jgk dak 2 eko ni lepak sini
prangai 2-2 macam haram
klaka nk mmpos dak 2 org ni
gelak je aku lepak ngan diorg
ni nasib baik 2 org je
kalo lg ramai td
mane laa aku nk cmpak diorg ni
ni pon sume tdo kat ruang tamu je
nk kene ngadap keje literature
xtau nk mula celah mana
nk kene baca short story dlu papehal pon
malasnye aku
cuba laa jgn bg keje
konfem aku hepi
projek david x mula lg
byknye keje!!!
nk kene wat keje jeyaraman lg
CE lg
dinner lg (walaopn keje dinner aku x byk)
da mula tensen n serabot da aku
byk benda bmain2 dlm palotak aku skrg
ntah laa
ati pon x tenang

td msg bapak aku
nk tnya result stpm adik aku
bleh plak die ckp die xtau
pastu ckp die skrg kat jakarta
x bgtau lgsg nk gi holiday
bkn laa aku nk ikot pon (mmg xkn leh ikot)
tp at least btau laa
mak ayh aku ni mmg suke sgt gi holiday x bawak anak
mcm org baru2 kawen plak
mentang2 laa anak2 diorg da besa
xpe laa mak, ayah
yg pntg, anakmu ini mendoakan korg slamat pulang
n jgn lupe belikan pape utk anakmu di mlaka ni
aku pon skrg tgh sengkek gile ni
nk mintak duet ngan diorg pon
diorg xde kat sini
kat jakarta ade bank islam x agak2?
try msg kakak aku laa esok
mintak duet blanje sket
duet dinner x bayar lg ni
xpe laa
esok2 je laa aku pk masalah2 aku ni
palotak aku da xleh bepike da
mgantok mcm la'anat
nk kene masuk slimut dulu
btw...papa doakan mama slamat smpai kuantan esok
jgn smpai tertinggal bus ye syg..
i love u syg

k laa
nk tdo da
malas da nk menaip~~

till next time..aDios~~!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

CE oh CE~~

Cultural Extravaganza is just around da corner
next week da mula
most things da abes prepare
skrg ni prob nk apply walkie talkie je
aku ngan bantuan alina (assistant aku) da wat 2 versions surat
tp kene rejek sbb x ikut format mcm yg puan nora nak
aku igt pg esok da bleh gi jmpe PM Zainud-din da utk mtk approval
tp x lpas jgk
kene wat balik surat tu
which means aku pg esok kene make sure surat baru tu siap
n make sure surat tu ikut mcm yg puan nora nk
then kene bgegas gi lendu utk mintak pgesahan dia or mr.ishak
pastu kene balik smula kbm
utk jmpe timbalan pgarah
sume ni perlu disetelkan before 5 (before ofis tutup)
penat seh~~!!
invitation card pon x siap lg
nasib baik lya tlg aku watkan invitation card utk dinner tu
kalo x mati cramp aku dpn laptop ni
aku mane laa reti sgt nk handle event2 macam ni sbenarnya
in fact dis is my first event yg aku pgang
sblom ni aku juz jd org bwh je
wat keje utk org
skrg bile da jd project manager
baru tau pyh
tp xpe
aku amek sume ni sbg cabaran n pgalaman
n kpada smua yg mmbantu
(ina, aiman, wan, alvin, boss, etc.)
terima kasih aku ucapkan~~
korg byk tlg aku
cuma kalo bleh aku harap sgt kalo ade pape kekurangan or kelemahan aku
korg tlg laa guide
nasihat aku
tanak ade ckp2 blakang
dun worry
aku bleh je terima kritikan
k laa
aku nk tdo dlu
sakit kpala
penat plak rasa arini
n got to save some energy for tomorrow
it'll be another tiring day for me

till next time..aDios~~!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Controlling Emotions~~

few days ago i've watched a bollywood movie Kal Ho Na Ho~~ da masuk 4 kali tgk muvi ni but still i'm touched with the story mcm mana Aman sanggup mgorbankan cinta dan kebahagiaan sendiri smata-mata utk tgk Rohit n Naina hepi die plak xleh idup lama so in order utk elak Naina dr tseksa die lpaskan Naina n serahkan pada Rohit wlaupon die sdiri x mmpu nk deny betapa sygnya dia pada Naina aku cuba bayangkan diri aku di tempat Aman mampu ke aku berkorban mcm dia? sanggup ke aku lepaskn cinta aku kpd org lain dgn alasan yg aku ni x mmpu idup lama? aku rasa aku x mmpu human nature pentingkan diri sendiri asalkan dpt ape yg kita nk kita akan hepi jarang nk tgk manusia yg wat something utk org lain berkorban utk org lain even da 4 kali tgk cite ni airmata aku still bgenang bile masuk part sdih teringat time first time tgk menangis aku teresak2 plak tu nasib baik tgk sorg2 malu ke kalo laki nanges tgk cite sdih? ntah~~ aku x rasa malu pon sbb aku tau yg aku ni hati lembut org kata ati kaca huhu senang tsentuh ngan benda2 mcm ni ckp laa ape korg nk ckp kalo da sdih aku nanges je laki pon ade hati n prasaan cuma aku ni lemah sket bab2 nk control emotions ni sbb tu snang airmata ni bgenang bile tgk cite sdih aku ni seriously senang terasa senang tsentuh n lately senang marah tp slagi aku mmpu simpan smua tu dlm ati aku cuba simpan aku x suke tnjuk emosi aku depan org tp senang org nk detect bile aku x normal tgk muka aku keruh n aku x byk ckp je org da bleh tau tp ntah laa bile marah or terasa or sdih aku prefer utk mendiamkan diri watpe nk cite kat org? masalah aku bia aku yg tanggung slagi aku mmpu tanggung aku tanggung sorg2 cuma kadang2 bile da x tertahan baru laa aku cari sumone yg aku bleh pcaya n share my problems with dat person biasanya mmbe2 rapat aku laa yg jadi mgsa tpksa tadah tlinga dgr aku mgeluh ckp pasal emosi ni teringat plak aku yg aku pnah 'termenangis' dpn abe sbb ape? sbb chelsea kalah champions league last year pnye laa sakit ati n sdih aku smpai x mmpu nk tahan airmata ni abe plak glabah nk tenangkan aku sakit woo bile tgk team yg aku suke n syg gile kalah disebabkan xde nasib kalah plak time penalty macam haram~~!! k laa cukup laa dlu aku bebel esok2 laa plak aku sbenanye xtau nk tulis ape sbenanye awl2 td hehe~~ aku ni tau ltak post je yg edit blog ni sume lya sian plak die thanx my dear~~ mmuaahhhhhhxx~~!! till next time...aDios~~!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Interesting Champions League Night~~

Chelsea are through to the last 8 in UEFA Champions League competition~~
yet again..
but how well can they do in the next round??
hopefully well enuff
i'd love to see them in final again this year
and lift up the trophy for the first time in their history
we have the squad to do so
and we have one of the world's best coaches on our side
but how determined are the players??
i guess every single player in the team wants the trophy so badly
especially Lampard and Terry
they were so close to win it last time..
but luck wasn't on their side

let's examine their possible opponent in the next round
we have Bayern Munchen FC, Villareal CF, Internazionale FC (if they can beat Man Utd tonight)
FC Barcelona or Olympique Lyonnais, FC Roma (if they can win against Arsenal)
last but not least Atletico Madrid CF and FC Porto
those names that i mentioned above are all the possible opponent for Chelsea FC in the quarter-final
Bayern just won 12-1 on aggregate against Sporting Lisbon CF
the result shows how good they are
and how serious they are in this competition
with Ribery on their side
it will be a hard-fought game for The Blues
but if they can stop Ribery
then it'll be an easy game for them to win
Villareal is a team that has solid control in midfield
Senna, Pires, and the others can dictate the game from midfield
but they are underdog and inconsistent most of the time
so it won't be hard for Chelsea to win against them
as for Internazionale FC
they are a better team with Mourinho as their coach
they play as a team
and as we all know
Jose is a great tactician
so it'll be a great game to watch if Chelsea face Inter
after all, Jose was the man that brought a lot of success to the London club
and in fact that Jose has great relationship with most of Chelsea players (Drogba, Lampard, Terry) will make things more interesting
the game will be involving emotions as far as i'm concerned
then comes the mighty Barcelona (i think they'll defeat Lyon tonite)
the team has a great squad
but i think they are almost similar to Man Utd
a one-man team
they depend to much on Lionel Messi
and Chelsea also managed to record some wins against them in the past
so it'll be a very entertaining match as the team face each other for the 7th time in 5 years
Atletico Madrid and FC Porto
only one of them will progress to the next round
i do not see them as a big threat to Chelsea
as both of them have problems in maintaining their consistency
Last but not least
FC Roma~~
we played against them in the group stage
and recorded one win and one loss
this will be the best time for revenge (lost 0-3 in Olimpico Stadium)
with Hiddink leading the team
i don't see Roma as a big threat
not as big as Barcelona, Bayern, or Inter at least...

there you go
my analysis on Chelsea's possible opponents in the quarter final
getting sleepy here..hehe~~
i just hope that Chelsea can progress as far as they possibly can

till next time..aDios~~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life With a Bug~~

ape korg rasa bile ke mana2 je korg bjalan
ade je manusia yg ikut??
menempel je ngan korg
u must be feeling annoyed when there is someone like dat in ur life
and the fact that u can't run away makes ur life more miserable and stressful
itu laa yg aku rasa
idup aku skrg agak tertekan laa
mane2 je aku pegi
ade je org ikot
bkn aku x suke org ikot aku
tp ade certain time
i'd rather be alone~~
aku ni plak jnis yg suke dgr lagu
so asalkn tlinge aku ni tsumbat ngan earfon
i'll be fine
maybe org akn fikir yg aku ni hnya akn cari kawan bile susah je
n bile senang sket
nk lari
duk sorg2
nope..i'm not like dat
i'm juz a normal person who love my frens a lot
but i'm also the kind of guy who likes to spend his time thinking and imagining things
that's y sumtimes i want to be alone
tp skeliling aku ni ade jgk manusia yg xnk paham benda ni
anywhere i go
they'll follow
smpaikn org tgk pon gelak
malu aku~~
ade yg gelakkan aku dpn2 lg
aku nk sound manusia2 yg ikot aku ni pon
aku fikir yg diorg ni kwn2 aku
kene jaga ati diorg
xnk diorg kcik ati ngan aku
n aku x sound atas harapan yg manusia jnis ni akn faham aku n brubah sket
jgn laa duk nk ikot aku sgt
kdg2 bleh laa
ikot laa org lain jgk
rmai kn TESLians lain
but y me????~~
kadang2 hari aku yg hepi pon bleh jd moody
hnya disebabkn org2 ni
ade yg ckp diorg ni macam lalat hurung taik
tp kalo diorg lalat
aku ni ape?
pergh..busuk tu
ntah..aku da lame nk luah pasal ni
cuma skrg baru bkemampuan
sape2 yg terasa
aku mintak maaf
bkn aku xnk bkawan
cuma jgn laa over sgt
gf aku pon x ikot n menempel ngan aku mcm korg ni
rimas tau~~
k ah
klas french da nk start
nk mandi..weee~~

till next time..aDios~~!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My First Post~~ goes nothing..~~
My First Official Post..hehe~

ape nk cite eh?
erm..arini aku kmas bilik..bilik yg bsepah gile..
kemas pnye kmas..akhirnya aku bjaya mbuat bilik aku nmpk mcm bilik...
kalo x..da mcm rupa gedung senjata api da aku rasa..
bile da abes kmas...
aku tgk byk plak ruang kosong dlm bilik aku ni..
so aku decide laa nk beli tilam..a new one...
ganti tilam lama yg da nipis mcm kertas and tilam morten tu...
pas anta baju kat morten utk sesi dobi..
aku pon mulakan sesi mencari tilam ngan buah ati aku..
nasib baik senang je keje cari tilam ni...
kejap je da dpt..
so skrg bilik aku btmbah lg satu tilam baru..
my roommate bought one too last week...
done with the mattress...
then i decided to go out and catch a movie with her...
so beli laa tiket cite 'Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li'
my expectation was high at first..
tp bile da tgk...
hancur harapan aku..
cite mcm haram...
ntah ape yg director die pk pon aku xtau
smbil tgk tu..mulut aku ni x brenti bg kritikan membina..
walaopon aku tau director die xkn dgr..
tp pduli ape aku~
aku nk jgk kritik..sakit ati pnye pasal..
lya kat sbelah ni bebel2 sbb aku byk sgt komen..

so there u day in my first post..
btw..aku wat blog ni pon sbb aku tgk org lain ade blog..
so atas dasar xde keje..
aku wat laa blog ni..
idea nk wat blog ni je dtg dari aku..
tp yg setelkan blog beloved Lya..
thanx syg~~
before dis da ade 2 da blog..
tp i never took care of 'em..
aku ni awal2 je rajin nk menulis sume ni..
da lame2..malas mula laa mguasai diri..
hope things don't go the same way with this blog..^_^

i think it's time for me to sleep..
till next time..aDios~~
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