Saturday, March 14, 2009

Man Utd FC 1-4 Liverpool FC

the scoreline sounds impossible
but it did happened
at The Theater of Dream guys~~!!!
how did this happened?
what went wrong for Man Utd?
here goes my humble analysis of the reasons why united lost the game~~
first of all
the introduction of Anderson in midfield area
for me
he is a good player
but i don't think he has enuff quality to dictate the midfield like scholes
n he affected Carrick's game
Carrick plays better when he partners Scholes @ Giggs in the midfield park
the next mistake that Sir Alex did was
he used 2 strikers
so how can Anderson and Carrick cope with Liverpool's 3 midfielders
Gerrard, Mascherano, Lucas??
United used two central midfielders
leaving a big gap in that area and defensive area whenever they attack
this gave huge spaces for Gerrard and Torres to launch an attack
whenever they got the ball
with Carrick and Anderson missing in that area
how can Vidic and Ferdinand stop Torres and Gerrard who are so full of speed and tricks??
next mistake..
i'm not sure this one came from Sir Alex or his players on the field
but i think they seemed to be underestimating Liverpool
during the early stage of the match
they took the game to Liverpool
without being cautious at all
in a big match
u cannot be overconfident
juz like what United did in the early minutes
they might thought they could kill off Liverpool title hope easily
and their over-confidence back-fired
another mistake was
Sir Alex's men would never thought Liverpool would come to Old Trafford
with such positive mentality
thinking that they might win the game
juz look at how Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt (these 3 were the best players on the field for me) played
they gave their 110% for their team
their motivation were high
usually other teams will go to Old Trafford with fear in their mind
but that didn't happen to Liverpool today
there are several more mistakes that Man Utd players did during the match
but i think those that i mentioned were the most obvious..
now Liverpool are 2nd on the table
4 points behind Man Utd (United got a game in hand)
Chelsea will have the oppportunity to reclaim the 2nd spot tomorrow
they'll be hosting Man City at Stamford Bridge
hopefully they'll take this opportunity
to close the gap with United
and make the title race much more interesting
i know they can
can't wait for tomorrow's game

so till next time..aDios~~!!


  1. nevermind baiyya...
    we still have a game in hand and points ahead...
    the lost last nite will be nothin lor..

  2. i know..
    but it will at least hurt some of the players
    to lose at home against bitter rival
    title race is back on dude~~!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. i might be hurt a lil..
    but in contrast,the players will be more focus afterwards..alahh,same like Chelski lost to Scouser in their home ground back in february..

    Same mistakes will not be happening again =p




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