Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Day in My Life~~

what shud i write for today??
woke up this morning quite late

went to the mirror looking at my messy hair
been thinking of getting a new hair cut

but maybe later
but the long hair is getting rather annoying
gets into my ears most of da time
then went to the kitchen
prepared myself breakfast

and ate in front of the laptop
while reading some football news
still haven't had my bath
smelly me~~
aiman has gone to Lendu
what for??

not sure
so i'm all alone at home

thinking of what to do today
maybe i shud finish my literature assignment
tomorrow's da presentation day

supposed to be a group work
but the others are not in malacca
so i guess i'll have to do it alone

got used to it

Chelsea will be playing against Man City later today
surely i won't miss da match

i'll drag anyone to go along with me

usually abe will be the victim

not sure where she is rite now

in Kuantan for sure

still got no reply for sms that i sent earlier
maybe she's busy
so boring~~
been spending most of my weekend in my room
maybe the room itself is getting sick of having me inside it

got to find something to do

before i kill myself because of boredom
my head is getting itchy

guess today's da day for me to shampoo my hair

it's been quite some time since the last time i shampooed my hair
what the fuck is happening to me??

got to take a better care of myself

listening to Rossa - Hey Ladies rite now
kinda a good song

love it~~
heard it first time on TV during the My Starz LG final
if i'm not mistaken
still waiting for some movies to be finished downloaded

i hate uTorrent

fuckin' slow~~!!

using Ares would be much better

but it's hard to find the movies i wanted using Ares

oh God~~
got no more cigarette
guess i'll have to stop here

going to 7-11 to get myself some more cigarettes


till next time..aDios~~!!

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