Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Interesting Champions League Night~~

Chelsea are through to the last 8 in UEFA Champions League competition~~
yet again..
but how well can they do in the next round??
hopefully well enuff
i'd love to see them in final again this year
and lift up the trophy for the first time in their history
we have the squad to do so
and we have one of the world's best coaches on our side
but how determined are the players??
i guess every single player in the team wants the trophy so badly
especially Lampard and Terry
they were so close to win it last time..
but luck wasn't on their side

let's examine their possible opponent in the next round
we have Bayern Munchen FC, Villareal CF, Internazionale FC (if they can beat Man Utd tonight)
FC Barcelona or Olympique Lyonnais, FC Roma (if they can win against Arsenal)
last but not least Atletico Madrid CF and FC Porto
those names that i mentioned above are all the possible opponent for Chelsea FC in the quarter-final
Bayern just won 12-1 on aggregate against Sporting Lisbon CF
the result shows how good they are
and how serious they are in this competition
with Ribery on their side
it will be a hard-fought game for The Blues
but if they can stop Ribery
then it'll be an easy game for them to win
Villareal is a team that has solid control in midfield
Senna, Pires, and the others can dictate the game from midfield
but they are underdog and inconsistent most of the time
so it won't be hard for Chelsea to win against them
as for Internazionale FC
they are a better team with Mourinho as their coach
they play as a team
and as we all know
Jose is a great tactician
so it'll be a great game to watch if Chelsea face Inter
after all, Jose was the man that brought a lot of success to the London club
and in fact that Jose has great relationship with most of Chelsea players (Drogba, Lampard, Terry) will make things more interesting
the game will be involving emotions as far as i'm concerned
then comes the mighty Barcelona (i think they'll defeat Lyon tonite)
the team has a great squad
but i think they are almost similar to Man Utd
a one-man team
they depend to much on Lionel Messi
and Chelsea also managed to record some wins against them in the past
so it'll be a very entertaining match as the team face each other for the 7th time in 5 years
Atletico Madrid and FC Porto
only one of them will progress to the next round
i do not see them as a big threat to Chelsea
as both of them have problems in maintaining their consistency
Last but not least
FC Roma~~
we played against them in the group stage
and recorded one win and one loss
this will be the best time for revenge (lost 0-3 in Olimpico Stadium)
with Hiddink leading the team
i don't see Roma as a big threat
not as big as Barcelona, Bayern, or Inter at least...

there you go
my analysis on Chelsea's possible opponents in the quarter final
getting sleepy here..hehe~~
i just hope that Chelsea can progress as far as they possibly can

till next time..aDios~~

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  1. btol la~!
    sepatah haram toke katak ijau neh x paham~


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