Monday, January 31, 2011


having this kind of feeling cos i couldnt see my dear friend who just came to visit Melaka for her holiday..she didn't come for me..but yet i really wished i could spend a lil bit of my time..hanging around with her..but since it has been raining for few days now in Melaka..i couldn't do that..maybe i'll see her again soon..btw..sorry Suha sbb x dpt lepak ngn ko..aku duk ajak ko dtg aku x dpt jmpe ko time kite lepak ye!

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  1. beb, its okesh..terkilan jugak sebab dah plan nak dera ko bawak jenjalan..tapi dah asyik ujannn tak berenti aje..mmg xde rejeki nak jumpe..;(


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