Friday, November 12, 2010

Denzel is in action again~

watched 'Unstoppable' today
great movie..with good story line
the fact that the story is based on the true event made it more enjoyable to watch
FYI, Mr. Denzel Washington is one of my favourite actors and majority of his movies (Pelham 123, Man on Fire) never disappoint me
after knowing that he is one of the main cast of this movie, i quickly included this movie in my 'must watch' list
and again, my decision was right
the movie is about how two men from different backgrounds put aside all their differences and work together in order to save the city

Denzel: train driver (driver?erk..the guy who controls the movement of the train)..has been working for 28 years and got a lot of experiences in handling trains..a guy with a happy family
Chris: the train conductor (the guy who is in charge of a train - Denzel's superior)..has just started to work for 4 months..inexperienced..and got problems with his marriage..

actually, i can give u the whole story of the movie..but i think it'll be inappropriate for me to do i'll just give u my comments only..
the story was good..with the main strength of it would be the two main characters..the story was simple but entertaining enough with few heart-stopping scenes..humour element was also included in it, making it less stressful to watch..all in all..the movie was good enough for me..Denzel and Chris were good..u'll enjoy it :)

Unstoppable: 3.8/5 stars

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