Saturday, April 4, 2009

Makan Malam~~

Juz came back from TESL Dinner '09
or should i say Malam Kecemerlangan Akademik TESL??
the foods were quite ok..
but my stomach wasn't full enuff..
baru nk mkn utk 2nd round
tp tgk2 diorg da tutup kdai da
da kmas..
frust gile aku
tp at least sempat laa merasa sume makanan
but to be honest
it wasn't dat fun
at least not as fun as i would've expected
it was juz an ordinary dinner
not as fun as the other 3 dinners dat i went before
dunno why
but the best dinner for me would be the dinner when i was in part 1 pre-TESL
can't forget dat one for sure
wat makes this nite dinner unforgettable is this might be my last activity with the Asasi Students
they'll leave Malacca after dis semester
gonna miss them
especially those who have been playing futsal with me for the last 2 semesters
to put it simple
they're the best juniors i have
hopefully those who will replace them will be better
or at least the same
had an accident yesterday
small one
but i am feeling the effect of it now
my neck is aching
my right thigh too
my left arm also feels the impact of it
hope the pain will go away soon
hopefully before dis sunday
can't wait to play futsal again
addicted to the game
next sem not sure whether i'll still be playing or not
kalo nk main pon
sape je yg ade??
alvin, aiman, mon, bob, haizam, pastu naza n reza
dak2 asasi yg baru blom tntu jnes yg bsukan mcm kitorg
da kali ke brape aku nguap pon x sure
getting sleepy
time for me to sleep
nite2 people
i miss my lya sooo much
15000 pon 15000 laa syg
asal dpt kawen
kuiz kat facebook tu pnipu je
love u syg~~

till next time..aDios~~!!

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