Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romantic Ghost Movie~~

juz came back from GSC Dataran Pahlawan..
watched Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past..alone..hahah
the movie was quite ok..
it's not as funny as The Proposal..but yet..worth to watch..
i did feel awkward watching that kind of movie alone..but why shud i be over-concerned with that?
i paid for the ticket..huhu
about the's a good movie for all the playboys out there..
this movie will at least leave an impact to you guys..
ya...i dun really like Jennifer Garner playing the role Jenny..
she looks old..not as beautiful as she used to be..huhu
it would be better if the role is played by someone who is younger and more beautiful..
the movie taught me that u can have all the women in the world..
but in the end..there will be only one woman in your life who you'd give your life to..
who you'd love to have by your side every single morning when you wake up..
love is not a feeling that you can play with..
it's a gift..
cherish it..take a good care of will never leave us..
it's us who leave love...
what the heck am i talking here??
hahaha...i am a sentimental person..
hati kaca..hahahh~~!!
need my rest now...

till then..aDios~~!!

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